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Thank you to all the organizations and individuals who have contributed to the programs we have supported including: the commemoration of the WWI Centennial, the building of the National WWI Memorial in Washington, D.C., and all the other experiential and educational programs aimed at keeping alive the memory of the Doughboys and all those who served in WWI. 

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Thank you to our major donors:

...and with deep gratitude to everyone who has contributed:

Greg Abbe -------- In Honor Of: Frederick E Abbe & Gordon K Hurd
Kathleen Abbott-Mayer -------- In Honor Of: James Alfred Marsh
David Acocella
Bryan Acree -------- In Honor Of: John Pleasant Acree
Christine G Adamo -------- In Honor Of: Mariano Adamo (Grandpa)
Rebekah Adams
Robert Adamski
Jon Adland
Richard Ahlstrom -------- In Honor Of: Carl F. Ahlstrom III
Giovanni Alabiso -------- In Honor Of: Cesidio Coletti
Paul Albergo
Greg Alexander -------- In Honor Of: My Grandfather. Allen "Jake" Alexander.
Kimberly Alldread
James Allen -------- In Honor Of: Edward Butler
Connie Allen -------- In Honor Of: Henry Tureman Allen
Taylin Doyle Allen -------- In Honor Of: Roscoe Bledsoe
William Allen
Taylin Allen -------- In Honor Of: Victor C. Lee 1887-1918. Killed In Action The Night Of November 9Th Shortly After Crossing The Meuse River, An Action For Which He Would Receive The D S C
Georgia Allison
Kenneth Allison -------- In Honor Of: Oliver Lasher
Georgia Alluson
Michael Alty -------- In Honor Of: My Great Grandfathers
Dennis Anderson -------- In Honor Of: Joseph Otto Turley, USMC
Richard Anderson -------- In Honor Of: The American Doughboys
Dennis Anderson -------- In Honor Of: Joseph O. Turley, D1165, Wia 11-11-18, D 11-12
Ian Anderson -------- In Honor Of: John Skjold
Debra Anderson
William Anderson -------- In Honor Of: 1St Lt. William M. Rosson, 305Th Inf.
Kristofer Anderson
Mike & Jennifer Anglin -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. Calvin C. Rogers
Scott Anthony -------- In Honor Of: Kenneth G. Anthony
Daniel Anthony -------- In Honor Of: Alva Henry Cook
Carole Anzivino
Carolyn Appel
Thomas H Appleton -------- In Honor Of: Mrs. Edith Nichols Glennan
Thomas Appleton -------- In Honor Of: Dr. Charles P. Roland
Thomas H Appleton Jr
Scott Arceneaux -------- In Honor Of: Curtis Boozman, Sr.
Dale Archer -------- In Honor Of: Bob Archer, Father And Veteran
Margaret Arends -------- In Honor Of: Arthur John Arends
Andrew Arends -------- In Honor Of: Art Arends, Pvt, 125Th Mg Bn
Matthew Arenson -------- In Honor Of: Axel Anderson H Company 343Rd Infantry Regiment 86Th Infantry Division
Christopher Arlotta -------- In Honor Of: Martin Treptow And Henry Rao
Chris And Connie Army
Irvin Arnold -------- In Honor Of: Irvin Gilbert Arnold
Tiffany Arredondo -------- In Honor Of: Leslie Chick
Wanda Arthur -------- In Honor Of: Joel Talbot Arthur, Kia, Meuse-Argonne, 11/5/1918
Donald Aspden -------- In Honor Of: Donald Minto Aspden
Robert Atwell -------- In Honor Of: Russell Tipton Spratt
Carson L. Austin -------- In Honor Of: Carson William (Shorty) Austin
Bruce Ayer -------- In Honor Of: Melvin G. Ayer
Natalie Baeza
Wilbur Bagley -------- In Honor Of: Pvt Lloyd R Bagley
Matthew Bailey -------- In Honor Of: William Noah Booty
Michael Baird
Heather Bakas
Dianne Baker -------- In Honor Of: Lloyd Charles Maynard ,WWI Armypolar Bears 339 85Th Div. Co B
Robert Baker -------- In Honor Of: Pvt William E. Baker, Lucasville & Dayton Oh, Aef Army 30Th Div 117Th Inf Co I, Kia France 7 Oct 1918
Diane Baker -------- In Honor Of: Fred L. Benline
Luiza Baker_Oyler
Dana Bala -------- In Honor Of: Calogero Costa
Cliff Balkam
Janet Baltas -------- In Honor Of: George Cerruti
Michael Banta -------- In Honor Of: Lloyd L Banta
Jason Barber -------- In Honor Of: The 30Th Division (Old Hickory), Ncng
Joseph Barbieri -------- In Honor Of: Bernard Joseph Barbieri, Sgt 1St Class, Base Hospital #9, Chateauroux, France, 1917-1919
John Barnes
Elizabeth Barnett -------- In Honor Of: Bert And Bernet Swanson, WWI Army Veterans
Zachary Barnhart
Eimar Barr -------- In Honor Of: Private Hugh Barr, Company G, 26Th Infantry Regiment, 1St Division, Who Died From Wounds At Cantigny, 8 June 1918.
Cathleen Barrows -------- In Honor Of: Gene Feeney
Wallace K Bartlett
Joseph Basset
Clifford Bath -------- In Honor Of: Put. William Bath Killer In France 1918
Mario & Ann Battaglia -------- In Honor Of: George H Heacox
Kemp Battle -------- In Honor Of: Mr. Miller
Corky Baumgartner/Welch -------- In Honor Of: Welch/Baumgartner Ancestors
Judith Baxter
Pamela Baxter -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Dan Baxter, From Kentucky
Charles Beans -------- In Honor Of: Samuel B Shook, My Grandfater
Donald Beck
Russell Becker -------- In Honor Of: Carl Jorgensen
Carla Beckom
Eric Beeby -------- In Honor Of: The 314Th Of The 79Th Division
Pam Bell -------- In Honor Of: War Dogs
Pamela Bell
Sandra Bell -------- In Honor Of: In Honor Of Drew R. Jeffrey
William Bellais -------- In Honor Of: Pvt John Arthur Beauchamp, U.S. Army, Field Artillery
Cathleen Belmonte -------- In Honor Of: Vincent James Riotto
Dale M Benedict
Rita Sue Bennett -------- In Honor Of: In Memory Of Jetter Butler Lackey And Lenis Susan Lackey, My Grandparents
Virginia Bennett
Judith Benson -------- In Honor Of: Emmett L. Gainey
Carl Berger
David Berger
Donastacia Alleene Ferguson Bergeron -------- In Honor Of: Arthur Allen Ferguson
Elizabeth Bernal
Edward Bernreuter -------- In Honor Of: Pfc. William John Bernreuter, Co.E, 125 Inf. Rgt., 32Nd Div.
Susan Berry -------- In Honor Of: Henry Otto Seipp
Daniel Bertel -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Charles Raymond Stewart, 11 Infantry, 10 Division, Died Oct 13, 1918
Jack Bertolino -------- In Honor Of: In Memory Of Martin Bertolino, A WWI Veteran Who Served In The U.S. Army For 15 Years.
Jerry Best
David Biel -------- In Honor Of: Emil T Biel
Thomas Biggar
Michael Billings
Michelle Birchfield -------- In Honor Of: All Those Who Served, Survived And Sacrificed So Much...Lest We Forget
Michael Bishop
Kenneth Black
Les Bland -------- In Honor Of: Luther Tillery- WWI Infantryman
Dawn Blass
Virginia Blitz -------- In Honor Of: Selmer Martin Johnson, Sr, M.D.
Rachael Blomquist
Janet Bobby -------- In Honor Of: Honor Leon R. Mix 32Nd Div 120Th Mgun 63Rd Brigade
Laura Bobula -------- In Honor Of: Martin Kilbane
James Boehm
David Boettcher
Jan Boles -------- In Honor Of: All Who Fought And Died For My Freedoms Today
Ron Boller -------- In Honor Of: Vic Capets
James Bonk -------- In Honor Of: James C. Bonk Sr. - World War I Veteran
George Booth -------- In Honor Of: Col. Maynard Booth WWII Pow Bataan
Wayne Booth
Matt Borders
Jo Bordinger -------- In Honor Of: Roy C. Sweet
William Borer -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. Daniel J. Mitchell
R Boronski
Zachary Bostion -------- In Honor Of: John J. Oseski Sr. And Charles A. Rinehart
Chris Boston -------- In Honor Of: World War I Soldier Everett C. Burton Kia In The Argonne Forest
Randall Bowman -------- In Honor Of: My Grandfather, Private Harry James Bowman, U.S. Army, 1917-1919, From Nc
Judy F Bowman -------- In Honor Of: Stanley Lee Bowman
Jordan Boyd
Leigh Boyes
Heath Brabazon
Peter Bradish -------- In Honor Of: Carl Frederick Ohlman
William Bradley -------- In Honor Of: Rollin O. Sanford
J. Robert Bradshaw
Cindy Brandolino -------- In Honor Of: Erhart E. Mau
Robert Brantley -------- In Honor Of: Robert John Taylor
Robert Brathune -------- In Honor Of: Sergeant Charles R. Clubb
Kelly Breitbach
Susan Brenner
Jeremiah Brenning
Martha F. Brewer
Dallas Brewer
Timothy Breza -------- In Honor Of: Vincent Breza
Joy Brill -------- In Honor Of: All Who Served
Patricia Brinkley
James And Laree Brock
Cory Brockmann -------- In Honor Of: Walter H. Brockmann
William Broderick -------- In Honor Of: Sgt. William Henry Broderick, Jr., Company B, 107Th U.S. Infantry, 27Th Division U. S. Army. Silver Star, Purple Heart.
Thomas Brogren -------- In Honor Of: Glenn A Erickson
James Brookes -------- In Honor Of: Herbert Francis Clarke
Jason Brookman -------- In Honor Of: Clifford Green, Cpl. U.S. Army Aef, 326Th Inf. Div.
Paul Brooks -------- In Honor Of: Henery Liner
Martha Brooks -------- In Honor Of: Carl Willis Brooks/George Albert Brooks
Becky & John Bros
Stephen Broughall -------- In Honor Of: Seaman Stephen H. Broughall, U.S. Navy
Deborah Brower -------- In Honor Of: Donald Robert Foster
Sherrill Brown
Joseph & Maureen Brown
Vic Brown -------- In Honor Of: Memory Of My Grandfather Kemer H. Runkle
Kenneth Brown
Beverly Brown -------- In Honor Of: Lee Ellis Jones
Heather Brown
Annette Brown
Steven Brown Jr -------- In Honor Of: Warren Brown Sr
Anton W Bruchhauser -------- In Honor Of: Irene Ethel Cline And Gertrude Beatrice Cline
Chris Brunette -------- In Honor Of: Felice Brunett
Kim Bryan
Daniel Bryars -------- In Honor Of: Captain Tunstall Bryars
James Buccellato -------- In Honor Of: Pvt Jerry Peluso
Kristin Buch
The Ashley-Buchinger Foundatioon Buchinger -------- In Honor Of: To All Souls Who Gave Their Lives
Kirsten Buckstaff -------- In Honor Of: John Day Buckstaff
Robert Buderi
John Bugardi -------- In Honor Of: Geneva Protocol 1925
Robert Bullis -------- In Honor Of: Everard J Bullis 5Th Marines
Patricia Burdett -------- In Honor Of: Robert Alexander Gilmer
Maryanne Burgess -------- In Honor Of: Mose Rutues Sr.
Maryanne Burgess
Brian Burke -------- In Honor Of: James Mallory
Michael Burke -------- In Honor Of: Francis A. Burke
Suzanne Burke -------- In Honor Of: Pfc John RufU.S. Burke
Guy Burnett -------- In Honor Of: Earl Roy Burnett
Marshall Burnette
Bruce J Burns
Carlton Burns -------- In Honor Of: Horace Garside Till
Bertha Busocker -------- In Honor Of: In Memory Of Ervin Ulshafer Who Served During Viet Nam
Laurie Button -------- In Honor Of: Walter Wave Miguel
Jim Cain
Kevin Cale
Marcia Callicotte
Phyllis Campbell -------- In Honor Of: George Miller
Donald Campbell -------- In Honor Of: Cecil Harry Campbell U.S. Navy
Timothy Canfield
Charles Canning -------- In Honor Of: Robert Mclain Canning
Ellen Canova -------- In Honor Of: John Booth And Francis Lester Sullivan
Theresa Canter -------- In Honor Of: John Sak, Pvt, U.S. Army Expeditionary Force
Susan Caolo
Andrew J Capets -------- In Honor Of: James M Hanley Fighting Chaplain Of The 69Th
Jean Capets -------- In Honor Of: Andrew Albert Capets
Joseph J. Capets -------- In Honor Of: Andrew Albert Capets
Victor V. Capets -------- In Honor Of: Andrew Albert Capets
Andrew J. Capets -------- In Honor Of: Andrew A. Capets
Andrew Capets -------- In Honor Of: Thanks Mark Kirkham For Helping The Zooniverse WWI Burial Card Project.
Peter Cappadona
Kimberly Cappadona
Thomas Carey
Gary Carlberg -------- In Honor Of: Julian Fardal
Henry James Carlin
Emily Carlin -------- In Honor Of: My Grandfathers William ErastU.S. Taylor And James Miller Sayles Who Both Fought In Ww I
Dale Carlow -------- In Honor Of: All Who Gave Their Lives
Jason Carola
Sarah Carr
Thomas Carr -------- In Honor Of: Elmer Carr
John R. Carrington
William Carter -------- In Honor Of: Milford D Barrus
Laura Carter
Colin Carter -------- In Honor Of: Pvt Jesse Shaw, 127Th Infantry Bgde, 30Th Div, Aef
Evelyn Cartwright -------- In Honor Of: In Honor Of Emily Schell Jones
Elizabeth Caruth
Mark Cash -------- In Honor Of: John Doe
John Casto
Karl Castro -------- In Honor Of: Ernest A. Castro
John Cate
Alan V Cecil -------- In Honor Of: Vernon N. Cecil
Henry Cervantes -------- In Honor Of: Pvt Alvie R. Odom
John Cervenka -------- In Honor Of: CorneliU.S. J. Murphy 2Nd Pioneer Inf
Stewart Chan
Jeffrey Chandler
Mary Chase
Maggie Chatman -------- In Honor Of: Samuel G. Elliston, Sr.
Omar Chavez
Larry Cheeves -------- In Honor Of: William August Machenheimer
Yvonne Cheyney -------- In Honor Of: Solomon Buffman
Justin Chiarodo -------- In Honor Of: Andrew N. Chiarodo
Paul Chiavini -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. 1/C Reuben Freitas, 39Th Infantry
Rosalie Chirico -------- In Honor Of: Victor Casaretti
Lawrence Chlum -------- In Honor Of: Pvt Howard N Wells
Susan Christensen -------- In Honor Of: Jesse Warren Sutton
Irvin Christopher -------- In Honor Of: James William Crane, U.S. Army
Sherry Churchill -------- In Honor Of: Thomas Measures Hunter
Marco Ciavolino
Eileen Claffy -------- In Honor Of: Ltcmdr Stanley Phillip Tracht
Wanda Claflin
Janet Clark -------- In Honor Of: Pvt.Patrick A. Shannon USMC 3/5 20Th
Douglas Clark -------- In Honor Of: Coleman And Salter Clark
Tracy Clark
Robert Clarke -------- In Honor Of: 28Th Division - The Bloody Bucket
Carol Clausen
Harold Clausen -------- In Honor Of: Forrest M. Boyd
David Clegg -------- In Honor Of: Harold Taylor
Jeff Clemens -------- In Honor Of: 1St Sergeant Sam Dreben, 141St Infantry (Dsc)
Daniel Clements
Oliver Walter Clemons Jr. -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. Hardie Clemons, 27Th Pioneer Infantry
Kathleen Clifford -------- In Honor Of: Patrick W. Finley And Frederick L Callahan
Karl Cline -------- In Honor Of: Francis Draper U.S. Army, In France; Hettie Draper, Army Nurses Corp. In France Grandfather & Great Aunt (Sister & Brother
Ryan Close
Anna Cluster -------- In Honor Of: William Charles Schwieker, Jr.(Company A , 313 Infantry)
Terry Clymer -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. Lawrence W. Swanson
Rebecca Cocolis -------- In Honor Of: Reuben Jasperson And Fred Winter
Dane Coffman -------- In Honor Of: Ralph E. Coffman
Jay Cohen -------- In Honor Of: Capt. Dan Dayton Usn (Ret.)
Milen Cokrlic Jr -------- In Honor Of: Cokrlic Family
Diana Cole -------- In Honor Of: Major Edward B. Cole
Charlie Cole
Charles Cole -------- In Honor Of: World War One Vets
Lorraine Cole
Carolyn Cole Kingston -------- In Honor Of: Major Edward B. Cole
Amy Coleman -------- In Honor Of: Siegfried Herford
John Colgan
Alice Collins -------- In Honor Of: Private Fordyce Reynolds, Usa
Suzen Collins
Annamaria Colucci-Onieal -------- In Honor Of: Elueterio Colucci
James Columbia -------- In Honor Of: Thurman Lee Kissick
Wade Colwell
Andrea Combs
Marshal Cominsky -------- In Honor Of: Peter Mcdonough
Nancy Conley Everard -------- In Honor Of: John James Conley
Charles Connell
William Connell -------- In Honor Of: William A. Connell & Royle W. Cramond
Matt Conner -------- In Honor Of: Frank Ellsworth Gardner
Carmela Conti
Gail Cooper -------- In Honor Of: Edward Cooper
Andrea Cooper -------- In Honor Of: Corporal Young Virgil Cooper
William Copher -------- In Honor Of: Marjorie Hulsizer Copher/Lowell Johnson/Ralph Copher
James Coquat
Ann Veronica Cordes -------- In Honor Of: My Father - John Fredrick Cordes Wagoner, Battery D, 17Th Field Artillery WWI (France/Germany)
Jonathan Corley -------- In Honor Of: All Of My 82Nd Airborne Brothers Who Came Before Me And Served In WWI.
T. Thomas Cottingham -------- In Honor Of: Thomas Rhodes Cottingham
Diana Quinn Cotton -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Henry Eugene Quinn Usa 1St Division Dsc Ss 2Ph
Nancy Coughlan
Kathryn Cousins -------- In Honor Of: Ray Dame
David Cousins
Patty Coutts-Bagnall -------- In Honor Of: William A. Coutts
Andra Cowles
Edward Cox -------- In Honor Of: Jesse William Cox
Stephanie Cox
Edward Cox Jr. -------- In Honor Of: Msgt Edward Jan Cox
Robert Creekmore
Patricia Critchlow -------- In Honor Of: Col. A. Piatt Andrew
Elizabeth Crookham -------- In Honor Of: Juanita Lackey
Lawrence Croom -------- In Honor Of: Jerald T. Scott
Cheryl Cropp
John And Donna Crosiar -------- In Honor Of: Chester Roy Davis, 1894'1980
John R Crosiar -------- In Honor Of: Chester Roy Davis
Howard Cross
Frederick Crown
Yvonne Shelton Crumpler -------- In Honor Of: Hannibal Beecher Shelton
Lorie Culham
Melinda Culpon -------- In Honor Of: John Dosch
Byron Cummins -------- In Honor Of: Robert Victor Cummins
Susan Curley
John Currie -------- In Honor Of: Eugene Russell Currie
Stephen Curry
Jon Cutler
Donald Cygan -------- In Honor Of: Jean Dunnivant
John Cyr
Alexander Daddona
James Dallos
William Daly -------- In Honor Of: Choctaw Codetalkers And Vincent F Daly
Dee Daly
Judith Damewood -------- In Honor Of: Captain Stewart Whiting Hoover
Russell Dannecker -------- In Honor Of: Joseph Najjar
Melissa Danner
Courtney Daragan -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. Oswald Pelletier
Charles Daris -------- In Honor Of: Louis Z. Daris, Sgt., Co. A, 47Th Infantry, 4Th Division, U.S. Army
Jerry Dauterive
Kimberly Davis -------- In Honor Of: All Who Served
Helen Davis
James Davis -------- In Honor Of: Kenny H Davis
Edwin Davis -------- In Honor Of: Percy Chaplin "Jerry" House
Shawn Davis
Cindy Day
Daniel Dayton
Dan Dayton
Michelle Deblieck
Philip Decarlo
Judith Decarme
Jeanette Deebo -------- In Honor Of: Thurman Poe Sr.
Kenneth Deitreich
Kevin Delahanty -------- In Honor Of: Donald David Delahanty
Peggy Delapp -------- In Honor Of: Eldis O. Reed II And Guy Ellis Musser
John Tyler Delemarre -------- In Honor Of: Lt Samuel Arnold Tyler, 102Nd Inf. Reg.
Peter Delorenzi
Dennis Delozier -------- In Honor Of: H Robert Delozier, Usn
Rosalie Demarco -------- In Honor Of: Dominick Demarco
Fj Demato -------- In Honor Of: Arthur Kirkland
Francis Demato -------- In Honor Of: The Fighting 69Th
Mary Demers -------- In Honor Of: Stephen Hanaphin
Debra Dempsey
Amy L Dempsey
Dolph Denny -------- In Honor Of: Pvt Gib Bracken,Kia ,10-10-1918,Romagne SoU.S. Montfaucon
Jack Denton -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Leroy Mcclintock, Aef Yankee Division 1917-1918
Teresa Derr
Michelle Desaulniers
Robert Desousa -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Sebastiano Scalzadonna, 5Th Div, Mst
Kenneth Devita
Demaree Deweese, Sr/ -------- In Honor Of: Fred W. Deweese
Jeffrey Dewitt
Linda H. Deyton -------- In Honor Of: Floyd-Davidson American Legion Post 126
Phillip Dibb -------- In Honor Of: Dibb And Fox Family Members Who Served.
Gary Dickey -------- In Honor Of: Guy Donald Dickey
Nicholas Dicolandrea
K Digangi -------- In Honor Of: All The Heroes Of WWI
Brian Dillon -------- In Honor Of: John F.Dillon; Melville J. Macvenn
Loretta Dimattia -------- In Honor Of: Warren E Blatchley, WWI Veteran
Laura Dinuzzo -------- In Honor Of: The Unknown Soldiers
Henry Dircks -------- In Honor Of: Henry J. Dircks (407Th Telephone Battalion) And George Ewald (305Th Field Artillery)
Addison Dishman -------- In Honor Of: Samuel R. Dishman
Judith Ditfurth -------- In Honor Of: My Father Howard M. Wurst Who Served In The WWI
Elaine Dixon-Ugarkovich -------- In Honor Of: The Doughboys Of San Joaquin County
Eileen Doherty -------- In Honor Of: Sgt. Frank Doherty, Quartermaster Corps WWI-My Grandfather
Steve Dolezal
Rick Dominguez
Amanda Donaldson
Neil Donovan -------- In Honor Of: Bernard Fischione
William Doran -------- In Honor Of: All Veterans
Christopher Dore -------- In Honor Of: Guy E. Dore
Sonore Dorsey -------- In Honor Of: Protect A Child
David Dorsey -------- In Honor Of: Harvey Cottle
Joan Dougherty -------- In Honor Of: Merton I. Bain
James Doust -------- In Honor Of: Charles Doust
Emmett Dover -------- In Honor Of: Luther Dover
Deborah Downing -------- In Honor Of: William Preston Brown, Cmsgt
David Downs -------- In Honor Of: 1Lt Wilbur Horatio Downs
Jocelyn Doyle -------- In Honor Of: Joseph L. Pennella
E. Whitney Drake -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Leslie J. Burke
Greg Drawhorn -------- In Honor Of: All Those Who Gave All.
Brian Dressel
Pamela Dressel
Anne Dryden -------- In Honor Of: Charles Dryden
Desmond Duarte -------- In Honor Of: Manuel Duarte
Stanley Dubiel -------- In Honor Of: Frank Buckles And Uncle Ad
Deanna Ducher
Debra Dudek -------- In Honor Of: Albert James Dudek, Pvt. 8Th Areo Squadron
Richard Duerr
J. J. Duka
John Duka -------- In Honor Of: Paul P. Duka, 7Th Cav, Ww 1
Sheila Duke -------- In Honor Of: You Leonard Reavis
Judith Dulle -------- In Honor Of: John Henry Netemeyer
William Dunn -------- In Honor Of: Susquehannock Club WWI Veteran Founders & Members
Zoe Dunning -------- In Honor Of: The Men And Women Who Serve Our Country In Uniform.
1Lt Peter Duston -------- In Honor Of: Aubrey French
Lynn Duxbury -------- In Honor Of: All Military Members
James Eadie
Tony East -------- In Honor Of: The Balch Family
Tom Ebels -------- In Honor Of: Peter J. Ebels, Private Co. M 126Th Inf, 32Nd Div.
Patricia Ebert -------- In Honor Of: Michael Grant Sanders I
Robert Eckerle -------- In Honor Of: Sgt Leo J Eckerle, Sr. 129Th Field Artillery
Eric Eddy
Rue Edelman -------- In Honor Of: Private Andrew Albert Capets, Usa
Susan Edman -------- In Honor Of: All Men And Women Who Served
Suzanne Edwards -------- In Honor Of: George Frank Styron, Sr.
Adrienne Edwards -------- In Honor Of: John And Edward Kearney Company K, 111Th Infantry, Pennsylvania National Guard
William Edwards -------- In Honor Of: Major William N. Edwards, Sr.
Charles Eier -------- In Honor Of: Pvt A.J.W. Cockrell 150Th Field Artillery Rainbow Div
Barbara Eisensein
Abigail Elfman -------- In Honor Of: Alan Seeger
Robert Elkin -------- In Honor Of: Maurice L. Edelman, 52Nd Pioneer Infantry Regiment
Barry Eller
Christine Ellington -------- In Honor Of: Willie H. Mccune
Roger Ellis
Michael Ellis
Becky Ellis -------- In Honor Of: William Easton
Kevin Elmore -------- In Honor Of: Meredith Carr
Catherine & Jeffrey Eloranto
Susan Elsea -------- In Honor Of: Our Grandfather - Howard Peter Stephens. He Was From Indiana & Later Moved To Ft Myers Fl
Janet Embrey -------- In Honor Of: William Richard Grant
Robert Endres
Kathleen Engebretson
Kenneth E. Engle -------- In Honor Of: Yarro Robert Tuma
Faith Englund -------- In Honor Of: August Magnus
Theresa Envid
John Erb
John Erisman -------- In Honor Of: Col. Hartley Allen Moon
Pamela Eros
Alice Ervin -------- In Honor Of: George Thomas Warren Died In France 10/5/1918 From Wounds Received In Battle
Susan Esty -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. Joseph G. Loveland
Benjamin Evans
Virginia Even
Paul Evenson
Scott Evertz
Mark Facknitz -------- In Honor Of: Ulysses Grant Fraser
Mark Facknitz -------- In Honor Of: Ulysses Grant Fraser, Aef
Lawrence Fahey -------- In Honor Of: William Walter Fahey
Linda Faley
Bruce Falk -------- In Honor Of: Carl L. Falk, Sgt. 1St Class, Company A, 314Th Engineers, 89Th Division
Robert Fallin
Elizabeth Fallon -------- In Honor Of: Corporal Andrew J. Santo
Thomas Farrier -------- In Honor Of: Lt Faune Faris
Daniel Felix -------- In Honor Of: Wo2 Edward A. Felix
Conan Felix -------- In Honor Of: Conan Felix
Danny Ferguson -------- In Honor Of: Hardie Tom Ferguson
William Ferguson -------- In Honor Of: Robert Slater Miller
Paul Ferris -------- In Honor Of: Corporal Robert L Kellner Company D 58Th Infantry 4Th Division Died In The Battle Of The Argonne Forrest, France 9/28/1918
Charles Ferry -------- In Honor Of: William Franklin Ferry (Sr)
Rodell Fick -------- In Honor Of: All The Soldiers That Perished In This Conflict.
Robin Filipczak
Richard Finch -------- In Honor Of: Corporal George Reynolds Ball, 310Th Infantry Regiment, 78 Infantry Division, Kia 9/20/1918
Terrence Finnegan -------- In Honor Of: Private First Class Cyril Finnegan
Charles Fiscella -------- In Honor Of: Angelo J. Fiscella (Usa)
Delrose Fischer
Flying Fish Fleet
Reesa & Pat Fisher -------- In Honor Of: Rex Holland & Don Fisher, Each Served In Korea.
William Fisher -------- In Honor Of: In Memory Of John N. Douglas, WWI Veteran
William D. Fisher -------- In Honor Of: Major John North Douglas, U.S. Army
Kathleen S Fisk
Dan Fitzgerald -------- In Honor Of: All Of The U.S. Fighting Men Who Were Injured Or Killed
John Fitzgerald
Bev And Shaun Fitzpatrick
Shaun Fitzpatrick -------- In Honor Of: Jj O'Riley, Aef
Anthony Fiumara
Missy Fix5417402738 -------- In Honor Of: JefoU.S. E. Cloer
Jackie Fleckenstein -------- In Honor Of: All Those Who Served In World War I
Dennis Fleming -------- In Honor Of: Lawrence J. Hannon Ww-1 U.S. Army Veteran
Allan Fleming -------- In Honor Of: Burton Perceval Fleming, Maj, Corps Of Engineers, Aef
Garnette Fletcher
Lowell K. Flickinger -------- In Honor Of: William J. Flickinger
Winston Florence -------- In Honor Of: Thomas Sanders Florence (Father)
Edwin Flow
John M Flynn -------- In Honor Of: Private Edward O Tharp, Usa
Joe Flynn
Bill Flynn
Matthew Foehr
Frank Fogarty
Art Fontanes
Eric Forbush
Thomas Fosnacht -------- In Honor Of: Wagoner (Corporal) Henry S. Fosnacht Company B, 103Rd Ammunition Train 28Th Division, American Expeditionary Forces
Robert Fountain -------- In Honor Of: Robert R. Fountain Sr, Louis H. Bean, Victor R. Johnson
Lisa Frank -------- In Honor Of: Thomas Desisto
Alan Frank -------- In Honor Of: Major Philip W. Frank
Fielding Freed
Frank Freedel -------- In Honor Of: Andrew Albert Capets
Michael Freeman
Julien Freeman -------- In Honor Of: Colonel Bruce Ferrell
Timothy French -------- In Honor Of: Ralph Edwin Mast
Donna Freundlich -------- In Honor Of: Norman P.
Thomas And Ann Friday -------- In Honor Of: Alva W Mead, 1St Ordinance Casual Battalion
John Frost -------- In Honor Of: Usa WWI Veterans
Chad Frost -------- In Honor Of: The Tennessee Volunteers Of WWI
Joseph Funaro -------- In Honor Of: Pvt James Funaro
Garlen Funnell
Barbara Gachter -------- In Honor Of: Robert Crawford, Pvt., Co.C 34Th Machine Gun Battalion
Karen Gage -------- In Honor Of: William Eldred Willis, Jr
Mary Gallagher -------- In Honor Of: In Memoriam - Francis James Gallagher - WWI Veteran
Barbara Gallione -------- In Honor Of: Garrett Berry Magens 28Th Division,108Th Field Artillery
Steven Gamiello -------- In Honor Of: Vito Melillo
David Gann
Paul Gant -------- In Honor Of: Harry Gant
Al Ganz
Robert Garbisch
Teresa Garcia-Pena -------- In Honor Of: All The Men And Women Who Served
Dave Gardner -------- In Honor Of: Kevin Fitzpatrick
Charles Garland -------- In Honor Of: Clifton R Garland Sr. Usa WWI
Sam Garland
Dorothy Garrain -------- In Honor Of: Rollin A. Eib
William Garrett
Priscilla Garwood
James Gates
Pat Gates -------- In Honor Of: Rev. Dan Gates
Catherine Gaujacq
Kristin Gauthier
Catherine Gavalas -------- In Honor Of: Wesley Ripperger
Janice Gavern -------- In Honor Of: Gladys Watkins American Legion Post 550
Douglas Gavilanes -------- In Honor Of: All U.S. Fallen Heroes.
William Gavitt Jr -------- In Honor Of: Earl & Raymond Harris
Donald Geers -------- In Honor Of: Anthony C. Geers Yankee Div.
Roy Gehris -------- In Honor Of: Sgt. Roy H. Gehris, U.S. Army Bugler
James Gerard -------- In Honor Of: Ambassador. James W. Gerard
Deborah Gers -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Elmer G Gers
Marsha Gertsch -------- In Honor Of: Clarence Jacob Hurley
Chris Gibbons -------- In Honor Of: The Alumni Of Roman Catholic High School In Philadelphia
Steve Gibson
Ernest Gibson -------- In Honor Of: Hugh Morrison, Usa, WWI
Janet Giersch -------- In Honor Of: Osborne Harrison, Rainbow Division, Sanitary Train WWI
Brian Giganti
Joseph Gildenhorn
Lawrence Giles -------- In Honor Of: Eugene J. Giles
Edward Gilhooly -------- In Honor Of: Private John G. Gilhooly, U.S.M.C.
Patricia Gill -------- In Honor Of: My Late Father Who Fought In Vietnam.
Ron/Stephanie Gillette
Thomas Gilliam
James Gillick
Roberta Gillis -------- In Honor Of: Milo Johnson
Chuck Gintz -------- In Honor Of: Charles Christian Gintz
David Glick -------- In Honor Of: To All Our Ww I Veterans....
Neera Goitein
Steven Goldman -------- In Honor Of: Jacob Goldman
Jackie Goldman -------- In Honor Of: Lake Erie Harvey
Lawrence Goldman -------- In Honor Of: My Uncle Milton Samuel Rubin
Dave Gomoll
Lawrence Gore -------- In Honor Of: Burney Fred Gore
Jean Gossman
Raymond Gough
Wilson Grab -------- In Honor Of: Jerry Hester
John Grabenstein
Christopher Grahek -------- In Honor Of: Private Sam Sidoti, Company A, 59Th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Arm In France And Army Of Occupation (1918-1919)Y
Robert G Gralinski -------- In Honor Of: Frank J Szymanski, Pfc Base Sec 1 Sos
Michael Grauer -------- In Honor Of: John A. Dewey, 138Th Field Artillery Regiment, 163Rd Field Artillery Brigade, 88Th Division
Patricia Grauf -------- In Honor Of: Earl Richard Grauf
Bonnie Burks Gray -------- In Honor Of: The Burks Brothers Of Hart County Ky
Elizabeth Gray-Guimaraes -------- In Honor Of: Edmund Coleman Gray
Thomas Greco
Jonathan Green
Shirley Nason Greenwood -------- In Honor Of: James Cooper Nason
Candace Grier
Rebecca Griffin -------- In Honor Of: John Anthony Ellis (My Grandfather)
Garth Griffin -------- In Honor Of: William Henry Griffin Co. D 328 Infantry
Garth Griffin -------- In Honor Of: William Henry Griffin
Joanne Griffo
Judy Griggs
Matthew Groce -------- In Honor Of: All Who Served
Ralph Groome
Nanxi Gubin -------- In Honor Of: Elias Gubin
John Guerrero -------- In Honor Of: Any Native American Soldier
Randolph Guevara -------- In Honor Of: Alvin Burns Callander
Jared Gula
Nancy Guthrie -------- In Honor Of: George A Guthrie, Sergeant 320Th Fa 1918
Bruce Guthrie
Matthew Hackethal
Howard Haines -------- In Honor Of: Pfc Chester Clark Haines
Martha Haines
Patricia Hale -------- In Honor Of: Private Roy Thompson Hill
Patricia L Hale -------- In Honor Of: Private Roy Thompson Hill WWI Army
Don Hall -------- In Honor Of: Weston Birch Hall
Bill Hall
Janet Hallahan -------- In Honor Of: William Henry Hallahan Jr.
Brian Halliden -------- In Honor Of: Francis Mcmahon, Scariff, County Clare, Ireland
John Ham -------- In Honor Of: Lewis W. Legrand
John Hamak -------- In Honor Of: Pvt. Thomas Hamak, U.S. Army, 1918
Margaret Hamilton -------- In Honor Of: The Forgotten Ones
David Hamon
Melissa Hampton-Mcadams
G. Robert Hamrdla -------- In Honor Of: Martin C. Pashea
Lauren Hancock
Diane Hancock -------- In Honor Of: All The Veterans Past And Present In My Family
Marialice Haney
Joanne Hanlon
Michael Hanlon -------- In Honor Of: From The Purchasers Of Mike Hanlon'S Aef Battlefield Guidebook
Tom Harden -------- In Honor Of: William Lewis Keith Company D 356Th Infantry Regiment 89Th Division
Leslie Dixon Hardin -------- In Honor Of: William Leslie Mildenhall
Brian Harkins
Sharon Harmon -------- In Honor Of: Marvin And Creekmore Ingram
Ramona Harris -------- In Honor Of: Sgt. Jacob Albert Maness
Ramona Harris -------- In Honor Of: James Coleman Harris, Jr. Senior Regimental Radio Sergeant
Georgia Harris -------- In Honor Of: In Memory Of Sgt. Charles Edward Dilkes
Tim Harrison -------- In Honor Of: Sidney Owen Furniss
Teresa Hart
John Hartin -------- In Honor Of: Agnrs Munson, Nurse; Fred Hartin, Cpl. Usa
Brian Haske - In Honor Of: Augistino Haske
Paul Haskell
Nancy Hasting - In Honor Of: Sergeant Chester E Schulz
Paul Hauschen
Matthew Hauser
Edward Hawfield - In Honor Of: Edward Manning Hardin
Ed Hawfield - In Honor Of: Edward Manning Hardin, WWI Veteran
Julie Hay
Nan Heard - In Honor Of: Alvin Bernson And Walter Heard
William Hearter
Phil Heaver, Jr. - In Honor Of: The Honorable William W. Vogel
Jim Heberling - In Honor Of: Charles Ernest Heberling
Harold Heberling - In Honor Of: Charles Ernest Heberling
Autumn Hedberg
Elaine Hedlund - In Honor Of: Thomas F. Moore
William Heer
Jack Hehmeyer - In Honor Of: Jack Owens, 1893-1972, U.S. Army, 2Nd Division
Leslea Heidel - In Honor Of: Everett Heidel
Tyler Heidtke
Patricia Hein - In Honor Of: Herman Cornwell (Co I, 52Nd U.S. Regulars)
John Hein
Junell Heinemann - In Honor Of: Max Schultz
John Pershing Heiner - In Honor Of: General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing
Matthew Heinselman - In Honor Of: William Heinselman
Kara Heitz - In Honor Of: Oscar Earl Waggoner
Kay Helbling
Trent Heldt
David Hemme
William Henderson - In Honor Of: William Birdie Henderson. In Memory
Thomas Henderson
Daniel Henkel - In Honor Of: Sargent George E. Henkel & Corporal John Lammerding
Brian Hennelly
Tara Herber
James Herrewig
Jay C Hess - In Honor Of: Elmer Criddle
Jill Hester - In Honor Of: Raymond L. Eldridge, Pvt Co A 313 M G Bn
Dan Hickox
David Higgins - In Honor Of: Cpl. Frank J. Quigley-304Th Engineers-79Th Division
June Higgins - In Honor Of: Orin Edward Marvel
Sheila Higgins - In Honor Of: Jesse Chase Higgins
Lucien Paul Hilderbrand
John Hilgenhold - In Honor Of: Pvt John Simon Hilgenhold
Steve Hill
Thomas Hill
Laura Hill
Apuleius Hillier - In Honor Of: Uncle Paul Kurowski
Deborah Hinckley - In Honor Of: Ernest R Porter, U.S. Army Cook, WWI
Roger Hineman
Arthur R Hiscox
Robin Hitner - In Honor Of: Fred Hitner - Kia 11/1/1918
Vonna Hlavka
James Hockenberry
Millissa Hodgdon - In Honor Of: Leslie Ketcham
Don Hodo
Kevin Hoeper - In Honor Of: World War I'S Hoosier And Tar Heel Soldiers
Jeffrey Hoffeld - In Honor Of: Albert Herter, My Grandfather, Who Served In World War I
Christopher Hoffman
Evan Hoffman - In Honor Of: Doug Hoffman
Wendy Hoffman - In Honor Of: Douglas Ward
Judith Hoffman
Kenneth Hoffman - In Honor Of: WWI Veterans
Thomas Hogan
Diane Hohnbaum - In Honor Of: Charles Benard Hohnbaum
Patti Smith Holda - In Honor Of: Cpl. Hubert Dalton Smith, 6Th Engineers, 3Rd Division, Co. D, Alabama
Mary Hartwell Holdeman - In Honor Of: In Honor Of Hartwell Davis, Jr.
Terri Hollander - In Honor Of: Donald Franklin Holden
Joan Holloway
John Holman - In Honor Of: Greenwood County South Carolina WWI Veterans
Benjamin Holmes - In Honor Of: Pvt Amos Witt, U.S. Army, Deceased 1918/11/04
Cheryl Holton
Michael Holubar - In Honor Of: Leslie W. Hartley, 91St Wild West Division
Gary Hoog
Edward Horton
Stephen Hough - In Honor Of: John Fisk Hough
John House - In Honor Of: Private Jesse Cummings
Andrew House
Cynthia Howell - In Honor Of: All U.S. Veterans
Matt Howell
John Hoyle, Sr. - In Honor Of: WWI Veterans
Michael Hubbard
Dameon Huber
Brandon Huck - In Honor Of: The Huck Family
Kevin Hudie - In Honor Of: Corporal Willard D. Hudie, 27Th Infantry Division
Jessica Hudson - In Honor Of: Alastair Thomas Hudson
Patricia Hudson - In Honor Of: Arlie Mitchell
Dwayne Huell
Elizabeth Hughes - In Honor Of: Francis Regis Mcgoey
Jennifer Hughes - In Honor Of: Halsey T. Hughes
Halsey Hughes - In Honor Of: Lyman H Treadway
Timothy Hughes - In Honor Of: Sgt. Andrew Bryan Hughes
Richard Hughes - In Honor Of: All Americans
Frank Hughes
Steven Hughes
Kathleen Hume - In Honor Of: Samuel Elliott Hume
Charlotte Hume - In Honor Of: All Who Paid The Ultimate Price And All Those Who Served Then And Now
Charles Hunt - In Honor Of: Frank Barry
Brenda Hunt - In Honor Of: Donald Mccracken Rushton & Paul Loren Hunt
Valerie Hunter - In Honor Of: William Amel Stapleton, Hutch Ky. Received The Distinguished Service Cross
Anthony Hunter
Kathleen Hurley - In Honor Of: Wilfred M. Hurley
Susan Hutson - In Honor Of: James Preston Allen And Claud Allen
Richard Huval
Harrison Hyde
Carolyn Iglesias - In Honor Of: All Soldiers Who Fought In WWI
Terri Illes
Moriah Illsley
Jeannine Ingenito - In Honor Of: Tom Hendricks
Edwin Irving - In Honor Of: Emile Macret Irving
Jim Irwin - In Honor Of: Frank & William Near
Joshua Israel
Michael T Itamura - In Honor Of: Shinichi Takenouchi 63Rd Rgmt Co D
Robert Jack
Jenniffer Jack
Chris Jackson
Petter Jacobsen - In Honor Of: Eleanor Murphy Rowe Jacobsen
Margaret Jacobson - In Honor Of: Robert B. Jamieson
Christopher Jahnke - In Honor Of: Carl Otto Herman Jahnke
Harry James - In Honor Of: Herbert James
Shirley James - In Honor Of: Gerald R. Skinner And Faye Marcellus
Theresa James - In Honor Of: Joseph Flaspohler
Elaine Jancourtz
William Jannace - In Honor Of: Sfc Anthony E. Jannace, U.S. Army, 2Id 2 Engr Bn, Purple Heart, WWII
Bernice Janssen - In Honor Of: George Henry Van Pelt
Paul Janzen - In Honor Of: Paul G. Evans
Clark Jarrett - In Honor Of: Lt. Paul H, Jarrett --42Nd "Rainbow" Division WWI
Arthur Jensen - In Honor Of: Maj Steven C. Mcgeorge
Patricia Johnson
Catherine Johnson - In Honor Of: Arthur Simonse (Grandfather)
Erik Johnson - In Honor Of: 102D Infantry Regt., 26Th "Yankee" Div., Connecticut Army National Guard
Joseph Johnson - In Honor Of: Edwin P. Johnson
David Johnson - In Honor Of: Sgt. Alvin C. York
Kenneth Johnson - In Honor Of: Pfc Louis K. Johnson, 80Th Div, 314Th Machine Gun Battalion
Alan Johnson - In Honor Of: Henry A Johnson
James Johnson
Kathryn Johnson - In Honor Of: Leighton Clark
Robert Johnson - In Honor Of: Pvt. Austin W. Johnson, U.S. Army Balloon Service, 12Th Balloon Co.
Guy Johnson
Christopher Johnson - In Honor Of: Carl D. Johnson U.S. Army
Jacob Johnson - In Honor Of: Our U. S. Servicemen And Women And Their British And French Allies.
Lee Johnson
Alicia Johnstone
Carolee D Johnstone - In Honor Of: Charles Zartman Yost
Geoffrey Jolley
Candace Jones
Shelley Jones - In Honor Of: Sgt Wayne M. Jones U.S. Army WWI
Gary Jones - In Honor Of: Harold Leroy Jones
David Jones
William Jones - In Honor Of: For All That Have Served
Mort Jordan - In Honor Of: Capt. Mortimer Jordan, 167Th Infantry
Justin Juarez
Sarah Judah
Charles Junek IIi - In Honor Of: Charles H. Junek Sr.
Art Junker - In Honor Of: The Junker Family
Guy Kachel
Guy R Kachel
Guy Kachel
Scott Kaesemeyer
Evan Kaiser
Terrence Kaliner
Michelle Kamhi
Edward Kaminski - In Honor Of: Stanley J. Kaminski
Margaret Kane - In Honor Of: Maj Charles D Kayser, Md, Medical Corps
Sharon Karahan - In Honor Of: William A. Rowe
Judy Karkhoff
Susan Karlesses - In Honor Of: The Karlesses Family
Charles Kashak - In Honor Of: James Kashak
Alan Kazdoy
Lucy Keegan
Michael Keeley
George Kees
Barbara Kell - In Honor Of: Elmer Emerson Barber
Robert Kendrick
Lawrence Kenney
Christine Kenworthy
Benjamin Kerekes
Harold Kerr - In Honor Of: Henry Kerr And Isaac Longmore
Catherine M Kesseler
Natalai Keys - In Honor Of: World War 1
David Kielich - In Honor Of: Maximilian Kielich
John Kiger - In Honor Of: My Grandfather Albert Burton Moore, Who Fought In World War I
Kerry Kimble - In Honor Of: Pvt Earl Wickham, USMC
Scott King - In Honor Of: Grateful Americaan
Valerie King - In Honor Of: John Franklin Hummel
Kendall King - In Honor Of: Corporal Frank Harris 5Th Division
Janice Kipnis - In Honor Of: Joseph Levine
Billy Kirby
Priscilla Kirchgessner - In Honor Of: Timothy Aaron Miller, Vietnam
Ken Kirchoff - In Honor Of: Walter Kirchoff
Melinda Kirk
Kathleen Kirkham - In Honor Of: Our Doughboys And Authors Who Write In Their Memory
Gregg Kitson - In Honor Of: William Treavy Kitson
Marvin Klang - In Honor Of: Joseph E. Bach, (Mn) Private U.S. Army,125Th Infantry Regiment, 32Nd Division, Buried Meuse.Argonne American Cemetery France
Micah Klein
Michael Klingher - In Honor Of: Samuel Jacob Horowitz
Thomas Klotz - In Honor Of: Wilbur Eugene Klotz
Pamela Knackert
Dennis Knight - In Honor Of: Clifford Knight
Robert Knight - In Honor Of: Edward S. Knight Kia 9/27/18
Linann K Knodel Duren - In Honor Of: Robert E Knodel. Pauline M Knodel Straka. Fr Joseph A Duehren. Johann E Duren
Christie Knudsen
Jeffrey Koblish - In Honor Of: Paul Anthony Olson
Col Abbott Koehler - In Honor Of: George A. Voss, Usn WWI (My Grandfather)
Maryjane Koenig - In Honor Of: Russell Archie Harvey, 90Th Div., 357Th Inf. Regt., Co. K
Craig Kokkeler - In Honor Of: I Memory Of All The World War I Soldiers And Their Familes
Gary Kolasa
Richard Koos - In Honor Of: Cpl Emmerich Koos
Peter Korzen
Francis Kownacki
Elizabeth Koze
Robert Kozubal - In Honor Of: Private Andrew Albert Capets
Stephen Kramper - In Honor Of: Bernard H Kramper
George Kranz
James Krawczyk - In Honor Of: Stanley Krawczyk
Jackie Krieger
Dylan Kroah - In Honor Of: Clyde Arnold Neiss & Carl Ernest Brust Sr.
Clare Kronemeyer - In Honor Of: John Henry Kronemeyer
Clare Marie Kronemeyer - In Honor Of: John Henry Kronemeyer
Shari Krueger
Margaret Krueger - In Honor Of: For James Allan Krueger'S Birthday - In Memory Of His Great-Grandpa Allan Joseph Gorman, Army WWI
Michael Kvicala - In Honor Of: The Kvicala Family
Frank Kyser - In Honor Of: Private Percy Mason Kyser
Mary La Bella - In Honor Of: Leonardo La Bella
James La Rosa - In Honor Of: Francesca La Rosa
Julian Lachendro - In Honor Of: Pvt Frank A. Lachendro 28Th Division (Keystone)
Charles Lamb - In Honor Of: Harold J. Lamb, Usnr-R, 1918
Dennis Lambert - In Honor Of: My Great Uncle That Fought In WWI
Keith Lamee - In Honor Of: Jesse Funk
Michael And Kimberly Lamonica
Craig Lampright - In Honor Of: Harold E. Lampright
Mary Lancaster
Linda Lance - In Honor Of: Sgt. Jacob Albert Maness
Brian Lang - In Honor Of: Frederick D. Schaefer, Sgt, 53Rd Pioneer Infantry Regiment
Duncan Lang - In Honor Of: John Lang
Mary Lang - In Honor Of: Fred Johnson
Thomas Lange - In Honor Of: Frank Lawrence Lange
Kathleen Lanigan - In Honor Of: Thomas M. Lanigan
Larry Lankford - In Honor Of: JuliU.S. A. Lankford
Larry Steven Lankford - In Honor Of: Private (First Class) Lankford, JuliU.S. A. D.S.C.
Joanne Laposa - In Honor Of: Pvt. Frank A. Eldridge WWI Veteran
John Laramie - In Honor Of: E. J. "Clyde" Cantin
John Larandeau
James Larrimore - In Honor Of: Don Martin, WWI War Correspondent, Died October 7, 1918 In Paris
Jacob Larue - In Honor Of: Jacob L Larue
John Lasswell - In Honor Of: Col. Benjamin Wimer, My Great Grandfather
Chris Lauchner - In Honor Of: Aj Berryhill
Erin Lawless
Tracie Lawrence - In Honor Of: Marine Gunnery Sgt. Herman Jerome Murkerson
Patricia Lawrence - In Honor Of: Cpl Albert Smath, Bugler
Elise Layne - In Honor Of: Conley Lawrence
Alfred Lazoff
Ron Leach - In Honor Of: Arthur Plass & Edwin Ehrlich
Brian Leahy
Marianne Leary - In Honor Of: Lt. Joseph Cleveland Conway
Marianne Leary - In Honor Of: Lieutenant Joseph C. Conway
Tom Leback - In Honor Of: Ashby Turner Mahon
Mark Leblanc - In Honor Of: John M. Longley [#67869 Private 1St Class American Expeditionary Forces (Aef), 1St Army Corps 26Th Division (New England, Later Nicknamed The 'Yankee Division', Yd), 52Nd Brigade, 103Rd Infantry Regiment (The Maine And New Hampshire Regiments) ]
John Leen
Thelma Leenhouts
James Leichtung - In Honor Of: Second Lieutenant Hyman Freiberg
Wilhelmina Leigh - In Honor Of: Pvt Marshall Edward Dunnaville, Sr., 807Th Pioneer Infantry
Christopher Leins
Michaela Lemen
Michaela Lemen
Robert Lenz
Larry Leonard - In Honor Of: Richard W. Pershing - Grandson Of General John J. Pershing.
Manon Lessard
George Levis - In Honor Of: Robert T Creel And Millard L Broadhurst
Paul Levit
Christopher Lewis
Thomas Lewis - In Honor Of: Harry Milton Lewis
Robert Liebscher
Valerie Lim
William Linehan - In Honor Of: Garland Wright
Curtis Lipple - In Honor Of: Marshall Stephenson
Michael Little - In Honor Of: Cameron Welch, Cowboy, Doughboy, Friend And Minister
Michael Lodsin - In Honor Of: Michael Lodsin , My Grandfather,Who Worked On Ellis Island, For The American Bible Society
Kevin Lonergan - In Honor Of: Joseph J. Lonergan
Cheryl Long
David Lotz - In Honor Of: Frank Bevinetto
James Love - In Honor Of: Louis Hosek
William Lowe
Rebecca Lowery
Karen Lubieniecki
Patricia Lucas - In Honor Of: Frank Stewart Cone
Shannon Luck-Brillhart
Thomas Ludka
Dan Lundberg
Donald Lutes - In Honor Of: Arthur James Wilson
Deborah Lydon - In Honor Of: Memory Of Corporal Joseph James Maguire, St. Louis, Mo
Jennifer Lynam
John Lyons - In Honor Of: Alonzo Lyons III
Laura Macaluso
Donald Macdermott - In Honor Of: Joseph Dunlap
Diane Macdonald - In Honor Of: Thank You To The Men And Women Who Served. We'Re Forever Grateful.
Kerry Macintosh - In Honor Of: Frederick Balyeat
Ronald Mackay - In Honor Of: John Ronald Mackay
Brett Mackellar
Patricia Maclay - In Honor Of: James Palmer Maclay, WWI American Soldier, Great-Grandfather
Catharine Maddox
Katie Madsen - In Honor Of: Clarence Edward Spencer
James Mahlmann - In Honor Of: My Grandfather, Anthony Minori, A WWI Veteran
Daniel Mahoney
Margaret Makowski-Greenky - In Honor Of: In Memory Of John E Turner, Sr
Philip Mancini - In Honor Of: Matthew Mancini Birthday
Andrew Manson - In Honor Of: Frank L. Pitterle, Corp, 120 Machine Gun Battalion, 32Nd Division
Steven Manson - In Honor Of: Frank Pitterle
Lisa Mantz - In Honor Of: Bernard F. Hoye Jr.
Robert Many
Paula Manzuk
Alan Marble - In Honor Of: Sgt. Paul Lance Marble
Kenneth Marcus
Dan Margo
Sava Marinkovich - In Honor Of: Major Sava V. Marinkovich, Rsa
Steven Marrocco - In Honor Of: All WWI Veterans
Jennifer Marshall - In Honor Of: Howard Adelbert Lea
Glenn Marshall
Robert Martin
Richard Martin
Dayle Martin - In Honor Of: Those That Never Came Back
Paul Martinello - In Honor Of: Joseph John Martinello Co. K 42Nd Infantry 12Th Div. WWI
Keith Marvel - In Honor Of: Lewis Kebel
Louis Masiello
Warren Mason - In Honor Of: John Wesley Pollard
Stephen Masterson - In Honor Of: Pfc Eugene M Masterson
Frank Mastropietro - In Honor Of: Antonio Mastropietro
Arthur Mastropietro - In Honor Of: Michael Mastropietro, Coa 114Inf 29Div
Lori Masucci - In Honor Of: My Uncle Laurie Thornton
Mary Mathison
Mark Matijak - In Honor Of: Make America Great
Brian Matricciani
Charles Mattern - In Honor Of: Mattern Family
Betsy D Matthes - In Honor Of: First Lieutenant Charles G. Ostberg 106Th Infantry, Company B
Betsy Matthes - In Honor Of: First Lieutenant Charles G. Ostberg,106Th Infantry, Co. B
Earlene Mauritz
Christine Maxwell
Sharon May - In Honor Of: Ernest Wright
Kristin May
April Mayer - In Honor Of: Jonas & Ted Mayer
Theo Mayer
Michael Mayer - In Honor Of: Jonas H. Mayer, Jr.
Theodore Mayer - In Honor Of: Jonas H. Mayer 354Th Aero Squadron
Cidalina Maziarski - In Honor Of: Henry P Furtado
Phil Mazzara - In Honor Of: In Honor Of: Andrew Mcgreal
Philip Mazzara - In Honor Of: Alison Daly, Colonel, USMC; Philip T. Mazzara, Lcdr, Usnr
Michael Mcauliffe - In Honor Of: James A. Sandy & Brother Gilbert Sandy
Brian Mccarthy - In Honor Of: Green Hill Park Ww-1 Memorial Grove
Michael Mccauley
Marc Mcclure - In Honor Of: Kiffin Yates Rockwell
Maggie Mccoy
Matthew Mccoy
Don Mccrady
Brance Mccune - In Honor Of: Sgt Carl Mccune, USMC, WWI And Albert Groves, Usa, WWI
Michael Mcdonald - In Honor Of: Pte. Dwight D. Simpson
Scott Mcdowell - In Honor Of: James Mcdowell
Joseph Mcelroy - In Honor Of: Frank Tronsor
James T Mcelwee - In Honor Of: John France
James T Mcelwee - In Honor Of: John France
Fran Mcginnis - In Honor Of: Francis Mcginnis
Deborah Mcgraw
Andrew Mcgreal
Daniel Mcgreal
James Mchale - In Honor Of: Martin Joseph Mchale, My Father, Who Served With The American Army In France In WWI
Jim Mchale - In Honor Of: Martin J. Mchale, Who Was A U.S. Army Veteran Of The Meuse-Argonne Battle In WWI
Rory Mcintyre
Louise Mcintyre
Thomas Mckee - In Honor Of: Pfc Gerard Francis Gerwitz, Co. L, 311 Infantry Fought At St. Mihiel, WWI
Tara Mcknabb - In Honor Of: All Who Served In WWI
Robert Mclaughlin - In Honor Of: Frank Regan
Robert H Mclaughlin - In Honor Of: Frank Regan
Robert Mcmorrow
James Mcmorrow
Janice Mcnairy - In Honor Of: My Brother, Donald L. Shew, A Vietnam Veteran
Bruce Mcnamara - In Honor Of: Harry P. Mcnamara, Jr.
Rhonda Mcswain
Mary Mctamaney - In Honor Of: Jake Smith
Michael Mcvey - In Honor Of: Pvt. Clyde & Clarence Mcvey
Richard L. Mecom - In Honor Of: Tom (WWI), Barney (WWII & Korea), Richard (Viet Nam & Desert Storm), Richard Jr. (Global War On Terrisom) "Mecom".
Paul Medeiros - In Honor Of: World War 1 Heroes
Jso Media
Steven Medina
Adele Meehan - In Honor Of: Union Park Gardens, A WWI Housing Development In Wilmington, De, Designed By John Nolen (1869-1937), Town Planner And Landscape Architect
Nancy Meek - In Honor Of: Joseph Barrette
Wallis Meeks - In Honor Of: Robert Dempster Anderson (My Grandfather)
Stanley Mefford
Evelyn Mehl - In Honor Of: Elwyn Gay Smith
Evelyn Mehl - In Honor Of: Twin Brothers Who Served Together: Elwyn Gay Smith & Elzie Harrison Smith
Sheila Mellon - In Honor Of: William J. Ellis
Susan Mennenga - In Honor Of: Charles Ettner
Anne Messner - In Honor Of: Charles Dempski
Matthew Metz
Daniel And Mary Metzinger/Vaughan - In Honor Of: Leo Daniel And Edwin T. Missert - World War I Veterans
Ellen Meunier - In Honor Of: Hector Meunier
John Meyer - In Honor Of: John Patrick Meyer, Private WWI
Russ Meyer
Timothy Michaels
Gerald Michaud
Diane Michelson - In Honor Of: Heroes Of WWI
Richard Michi - In Honor Of: All World War I Soldiers
John Middaugh - In Honor Of: The Doughboy'S Of WWI
Laurel Mielcarski - In Honor Of: Mario J. Mannella
Niel Miele
Wayne Miesen - In Honor Of: Cpl. Robert Tallman Wilson
Eliezer Millan IIi
Leo Millburg
Bethany Miller
Kris Miller - In Honor Of: Isaac Walter Miller
Stephen Miller
Jeanne Miller - In Honor Of: William W. Mcswain "Old Hickory Branch"
David Miller - In Honor Of: The Unknown Soldier
Don Miller - In Honor Of: Those That Served
D Miller
Roger Miller - In Honor Of: Frank J. Miller
Patricia Miller - In Honor Of: Leo Martin Kraus
Peter Mills - In Honor Of: Grace Banker
Michael Mills
Eugene Mills - In Honor Of: Alexander Debartolo
Michael Mimnaugh - In Honor Of: Pvt. Basil Russ - Battery A, 150Th Field Artillery
Mattheus Mitchel - In Honor Of: Frank Ray Dillman
Richard Mitchell - In Honor Of: William Ellis
Gerard Mitchell
Robert Mitchell - In Honor Of: Robert A Mitchell, 33Rd Division, 108Th Engineer'S Train
Joel Mize
Col. Thomas N. And Christine H. Moe, Usaf (Ret) - In Honor Of: In Memory Of Pvt. Harold Forsberg, 135Th Field Artillery, 62Nd Artillery Brigade, 37Th "Buckeye" Division
Cynthia Mohr - In Honor Of: Alvin Earl Covey
John Monahan - In Honor Of: Pvt Harmidas W. Paquin, 504Th Engineer Battalion, Aef
Jean Monnecka
John Monroe
Clarissa Moody - In Honor Of: American Legion Unit 174 Willits Ca
Mary Ann Mooney - In Honor Of: William Patrick Mooney
Raymond Moore - In Honor Of: All Those That Died In Ww I
Sharon D Moore
Randall Moose - In Honor Of: Sabaton
Michael Morawey - In Honor Of: Captain Herman H. Weimer, Dsc, Ph, Co E, 131St Inf., 33Rd Division
Julie Anne Moretti
Leann Morrissey
John H Morrow Jr - In Honor Of: Thomas Davis, 368Th Rgt, 92D Id, Dsc, October 30, 1918
Cindi Morton
John Moseman - In Honor Of: Lloyd And Nelle Reyerson
Benjamin Moss
Kenneth Mostow
James Mottern - In Honor Of: David Allen Mottern
Salmun Mousavi
Paul Mow - In Honor Of: Leong Mow
Diane Moy
Domenic Mozzone - In Honor Of: Joseph Coiro
Robert, Ruth, And Misha Mullany - In Honor Of: General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing, Sergeant Alvin C. York, Corporal Freddie Stowers, And "Cher Ami"
William Mullinix
Steven Munoz
Barbara Murman - In Honor Of: In Memory Of Major Charles W. Whittlesey
Patricia A Murphree - In Honor Of: Hosea Bryant Abernethy, My Father, Who Served In France During World War I
Jesse Murphy - In Honor Of: My Family Members Who Served In The War
Barbara E Murphy - In Honor Of: Arthur J Murphy I
Patrick Murray - In Honor Of: Springdale Pa WWI Veterans
Robert And Judith Murrett - In Honor Of: Edward Harrison O'Rourke
Ian Murtagh
James Myers - In Honor Of: John W. Myers Sr.
Claire Nagle - In Honor Of: My Grandfather
Marc Naparstek
Angel Narvaez - In Honor Of: Pfc Antolino Rodriguez, Fa, WWI
Mary Naugle - In Honor Of: Louis Manzella
Jeanette Neagu - In Honor Of: William Earl D'Arcy And Charles Russell D'Arcy
Mitchell Needham - In Honor Of: Washington Irving Buchele
Maryann Nelson - In Honor Of: James Armstrong
Andrew Nelson - In Honor Of: Charles F. Hobbins
Nancy Nelson - In Honor Of: Lt. William Bohstedt Of Saginaw, Mi Recipient Of The Purple Heart
Matthew Nelson - In Honor Of: Monroe Blum
Peter Nerone
Mary Nesnay - In Honor Of: Edward J. Shields
Rhonda Nessl
Lydon Neumann - In Honor Of: Lester A. Neumann
Mitchell Newman
Daniel Newman - In Honor Of: George L. Connors 1897-1973 WWI Veteran
Mark Newman - In Honor Of: Clarence Vinson
Kyle Newman
Jonathan Ng - In Honor Of: J&J Consumer Veterans Leadership Council
Dorothy E. Nicholas - In Honor Of: Frank C. Nicholas
Stevan Nielsen - In Honor Of: Fred Barker
Elizabeth Nilsen - In Honor Of: Albert Charles Strobel
Candace Noble - In Honor Of: Leo A. Noble And Rollin F. Street
Chris Nodorft - In Honor Of: My Family Came Usa 1917 Thank You For Their Service
Carol Ann Nolan - In Honor Of: WWI Veteran Gerald David Nolan
Neil Noland - In Honor Of: Richard Mettler (306Th Infantry Regiment, 77Th Infantry Division, Co. M)
Veronica Norman - In Honor Of: Andrew A. Capets
Dennis Normile
Jeremy Norris - In Honor Of: Lee Emerson Norris
John Nourse
Sally O'Brien - In Honor Of: Walter Rosenspire
Kevin And Joan O'Brien
Charles O'Connor - In Honor Of: James Connar 36Th Division
Margaret O'Donnell - In Honor Of: Francis Z. O'Donnell, Jr.
Donna O'Donnell - In Honor Of: Patrick Joseph O'Donnell
Francis O'Leary - In Honor Of: Edwin Fountain
Patricia O'Neil - In Honor Of: William H. Brady, Sr.
Patricia O'Toole - In Honor Of: George C. Marshall
John Oakley
Russ Oasis - In Honor Of: Harry (Osias) Oasis
Shandon Oates
Sean Oborn - In Honor Of: Those Who Served In The Great War
Libby Oconnell - In Honor Of: Gerald N. Stanton, My Great Uncle Who Fought In WWI
Wanda Oeser
Althea Ogle
Hannah Oldham
James Olesen - In Honor Of: Lt. Charles D' Olive
William Ollie - In Honor Of: Chester Knipp
Paula Omara - In Honor Of: Harry Crossley
Brian Onieal - In Honor Of: Lieutenant William John Lennon
Matt Oortega - In Honor Of: Italo Alessandro Milani
Dorothy Oppel - In Honor Of: Joseph L. Krieg
John W. Oravis - In Honor Of: Herferd M. Wood
Russell Orban - In Honor Of: Ike Skelton - Edward Orban
Elizabeth Orbison
Mark Ordan - In Honor Of: Tod Sedgwick
Noel Orozco IIi - In Honor Of: For The Fallen
Elizabeth Osta - In Honor Of: The Donegan And Galenas
Anne Ostrom - In Honor Of: My Grandfather, William Wright From New Jersey
Vicki Packham
Homer Paden - In Honor Of: Pvt Van Paden
Srijita Pal
Janice Palko - In Honor Of: William H. Moran, Who Died In France In Service To His Country.
Michael Pallatta
James Papanestor
Salvatore Parascandola
Tamara Parker - In Honor Of: In Honor Of The 62 Phoenix Indian School Students Who Served In WWI
Cynthia Parker
Louis Partida
William Pate - In Honor Of: David Burton Lewis
James Paterson - In Honor Of: Archie Bath
Walter Patterson - In Honor Of: Walter Patterson, Sr. (WWII)
Chris Patterson
Bruce Patterson - In Honor Of: Sgt. Albert E Patterson, Co. D, 70Th Ca Regiment, Aef
Jeff Patton - In Honor Of: Dewitt Neal 90Th Infantry Division
Neal Patton - In Honor Of: Dewitt Neal
Franklin Paty - In Honor Of: Robert Morris Paty
George Paul - In Honor Of: George Harold Naugle
Linda Lee Paul - In Honor Of: Charles Gordon Wiseman
Sally Pavia - In Honor Of: Raymond J Rolls
Matthew Payson - In Honor Of: Men Of The U.S. 103Rd Infantry, 26Th Division
Penne Peacock - In Honor Of: In Memory Of Dr. Byron E. Green
John R. Pearsall - In Honor Of: John.Pearsall0919@Comcast.Net
Jacob Pederson
Lawrence Pellerin
Louey Peraza
Samuel Perez
David Perrin
Denise M Perry
James Persing - In Honor Of: Peter Jackson
Virginia Pesch - In Honor Of: Corporal Nick Mootz
Renata Pestic
Sammantha Peterson
Trevor Peterson
Peter Petrides
Dennis Phelan - In Honor Of: Dorothy Bangert
Lesley Phillips
Wayne Pieper - In Honor Of: Corporal Fred Himmelberger, USMC
Karen Pierson - In Honor Of: Fredrick Raynold Lindquist
Robert Pilla
Kevin Pitcock
Ron Pitts
Thomas Place - In Honor Of: Corp James M Place
Jaine Place - In Honor Of: Russell S. Gates
Robert Platt
Connor Pletcher - In Honor Of: All The Men Who Fought In The Name Off Freedom
Jacqueline Ploehn
John Plumhoff - In Honor Of: Henry Gunther
Bill Poirier
Clifford Pollack - In Honor Of: Frank G. Pollack
James & Mardena Pollock
Vlad Polunin
William R Pontarelli
Elmer Pool - In Honor Of: William H Pool
Adrienne Poon
Michael Porteus - In Honor Of: Corporal Birney Cook, 166Th Infantry, 42Nd Division
Ward Posey
William Posing - In Honor Of: Sam Thornsberry
Karissa Povey
Michael P. Powers - In Honor Of: Sergeant Alvin York
Anthony Powers
Hal Pratt - In Honor Of: Robert Kynoch
John Prendergast - In Honor Of: Eugene Fitzpatrick
Thomas Preston
Karen Preston - In Honor Of: John Joseph Dalton
Christin Pritchett
Jennifer Pritzker - In Honor Of: Gloria Juanita Hamby
Cheryl Prodes - In Honor Of: John B. Lynch
Kelly Prophet-Lawrence
Eric Purcell - In Honor Of: The Men And Women That Gave Their Lives' For Our Freedom
Stanley Purvis - In Honor Of: Steven M. Ewell
Margaret Pysh - In Honor Of: Clifford G. Chalfant
Wenjing Qiu
Mary Quinn - In Honor Of: Harold T. Quinn
Dave Quinn - In Honor Of: 314Th Infantry Regiment
Diana Quinn Cotton - In Honor Of: Pfc Henry Eugene Quinn
Eligio Quirindongo - In Honor Of: R.M.O.
Patricia Rabbitt - In Honor Of: All Ww I Veterans
Timothy Rader - In Honor Of: Joshua Rader
Joe Ramaglia
Christopher Ramsdell - In Honor Of: Arthur G. Wald
Allen Ransom
Ida Ransom - In Honor Of: Stephen Francis Ransom, Sr.
James Rapp
Martha Rardeen
Mary Raymond
Todd Reddan - In Honor Of: The Men Of Company B, 114Th Infantry, 29Th Division
Deborah Reed - In Honor Of: In Memory Of Daniel O. Shuman
Bernice Reed - In Honor Of: Walter Glenn Reed
Lee Reese - In Honor Of: Lester. Townsend
Cara Reichel - In Honor Of: Grace Banker
Jacob Reid - In Honor Of: To All Of The Heroes, You'Re Not Forgotten.
Julie Reid - In Honor Of: All Those Brave Americans Who Gave Their Lives
Jerry Reinoehl
Gary & Donna Relihan
Gordon Remington - In Honor Of: Lewis Francis Thomas
Walter Rencehausen - In Honor Of: Charles A. Rencehausen / WWI Vet. 88Th Div. 350 Inf.
Avery Renshaw
Patricia Reyes
Gregg Reynolds - In Honor Of: Walter Mccauliff And Ray Dunkle, Both Of Johnstown, Pa Area
Karisa Reynolds
Pamela Reynolds - In Honor Of: Frank Loyal Jones B. 7 Mar 1889 Never Forgotten
Pete Ricci
Mark Richards
Kerry Richmond - In Honor Of: William Harvey Lee
Cornelius Ridgely - In Honor Of: CorneliU.S. Kehoe
Neil Ridgely - In Honor Of: My Grandfather, CorneliU.S. Kehoe
Lisa Riemer
Jason Riggs
Golda Rigsby Mayfield - In Honor Of: William Mose Rigsby
Alan Riley - In Honor Of: Rev. Carl Johnson
Richard Riner
David Ring - In Honor Of: Ralph Swain
Mal Roach - In Honor Of: All World War I Veterans
Jane Roark - In Honor Of: Henry Walton Chapter,Nsdar
Chris Robbins - In Honor Of: First Sergeant Dan Daly
Evelyn Roberts - In Honor Of: Corporal Fred C Wolfanger
Gene Roberts
William F. Roberts
Darin B Robertson - In Honor Of: Robertson
Anita Robeson - In Honor Of: Sgt. Orlo D. Summers, Co. A, 354Th Infantry, 89Th Division
D Anne Robinson - In Honor Of: All Family Members Who Have Served Our Country.
Sandra Robinson
Kenneth Robison
Gary Roda
Harold Rodenberger
Jeff Rodengen - In Honor Of: Elvin O. Rodengen
Dee Dee Rodler - In Honor Of: Captain Gregg A. Rodler
Maria Rodriguez
Genna Rollins - In Honor Of: Pfc Lee Davis, 111 Engineers, 36 Division
Jennifer Romano - In Honor Of: Richard Romano
Thomas Romine
Henry Rones - In Honor Of: All Those Who Fought, On Both Sides.
Andy Rosa
James Rosati - In Honor Of: Memory Of Liberantonio Bonsanto
Charles D Roscopf - In Honor Of: Robert L Maddox
Joseph B Rose - In Honor Of: Joseph Benson Rose II
Sydna Roseborough
Joan Ross
Tom Rothamel - In Honor Of: All Who Served.
Dennis J. Rottenbucher - In Honor Of: Joseph Rottenbucher
Howard Rotterdam - In Honor Of: My Grandfather Meyer Shapiro
Mark Runbom - In Honor Of: Archie Alexander Runbom
Howard Rundell
Daniel Rundquist - In Honor Of: Daniel Rundquist
Garrick Ruscher
Gray Russell
Laura Russo - In Honor Of: Pasquale Iezzi U.S. Army WWI
Constance Ruzich - In Honor Of: Tingle Woods Culbertson
Noreen Ryan
Terry Ryan - In Honor Of: In Honor Of All The Ryans That Have Served In The Military
Joseph Ryan
Diana Sacchinelli
Beverly Saenz - In Honor Of: Scott T. Williams, "Thundercloud"
Lauren Salinas-Couling - In Honor Of: Robert S. Bradley Jr.
Harry Salmen
Darlene Salvadras - In Honor Of: Nolan Olivier, Sr
Elizabeth Sampley - In Honor Of: John H. Friesner, Sr.
Richa Ri Sancho - In Honor Of: Corporal Freddie Stowers
Thomas Sanderson - In Honor Of: Hugar B Sanderson And Ralph E Hardwick
Karen Sandler
Nick Sandoval - In Honor Of: Jose Frank Sandoval
Mark Sandvigen - In Honor Of: Patrick Francis Costello
Golder Sanford - In Honor Of: Black Americans Like The Harlem Hell Fighters Who Are Very Smeldon Ever Mentioned.Please Do Not Forget Too Mention Them
Barbara Sanford - In Honor Of: World War 1 Veterans
Derek Sansone
Tim Sass
James Saunders
Leonard Scara - In Honor Of: To All Our Brave Servicemen.
Charles W. Schaffer IIi - In Honor Of: Charles Wesley Schaffer
Tim Schantz - In Honor Of: George Warren Schantz
Timothy Schantz - In Honor Of: George Warren Schantz
Paul Schenck - In Honor Of: Major Paul Debevoise
Fred Schenker - In Honor Of: Cw4 Charles J. Rapisardi
Chuck Schevitz
Remi Schexnayder - In Honor Of: Theophile Delaneuville
Larry Schliessmann - In Honor Of: Henry Hugo Schliessmann
Eugene Schmid - In Honor Of: Eugene And Jeanne Schmid
Judy Schmid
Patricia Schmid
Kevin Schmidt - In Honor Of: Robert & Max Schmidt (Smith)
Matthew Schmidt
Andrew Schneider - In Honor Of: Samuel Ertel
Marcia Schneider - In Honor Of: Laurence Wilson Truver
Susan Schoen - In Honor Of: Victor Gerhardstein
Timothy A. Schofield - In Honor Of: Arthur Schofield
Stanley Schrek - In Honor Of: All Who Served.
James Schultz - In Honor Of: Cpl. Harry L. Thomas, U.S. Army WWI
Dar Schumann - In Honor Of: Jacob Fergel
Stephen Scott
Hunter Scott
Todd Scott - In Honor Of: All WWI Warriors
Richard Scott - In Honor Of: Lt. Jason Solon Hunt, 27Th Aero Squadron
Wendy Scott - In Honor Of: Lt. Jason Solon Hunt, 27Th Aero Squadron
Mckinley Seaver - In Honor Of: Mckinley Seaver
Denise Sedivy
Fredrick Seeger - In Honor Of: Pfc Ray M. Bishop (Kis Cantigny 18 May 1918)
Melissa Seidel
Harry Seifert, Jr. - In Honor Of: Cpl. Harry Seifert And Cpl. Henry C. Schneider.
William Seiser
Cheryl Sejan
Mildred Seline - In Honor Of: Zowel Prew
Elizabeth Sellen - In Honor Of: Eugene Sellen
Christopher Sempos
Shirley Severin
Charles Shacochis - In Honor Of: The Society Of The Honor Guard, Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
Sarah Shaffer
Elijah Shalis - In Honor Of: Pfc Frank Pitcher Durkee
Rodney Shane - In Honor Of: William D. Shane, 79Th Division, 314Th
Monica Shank
Quinn Sharkey - In Honor Of: The Nurses Who Sacrificed Their Lives In The Service Of The Nation In WWI
William Shay
Lyle Shelver
Gregory Shepelev
Joanne Sher
Irene Sheridan
Harold Sherrick - In Honor Of: Harold F. Sherrick Memory
Francis T. Sherry - In Honor Of: Corporal Francis Sherry, Co. A 153Rd And 161St Infantry 1918-1919
Richard Sherwood - In Honor Of: Eugene Deikman
John Shields
Baxter Shipman - In Honor Of: Pvt. William Henry Johnson Of The 369Th Infantry Regiment'S "Harlem Hellfighters"
R. Baxter Shipman - In Honor Of: Robert Lester Blackwell, Person County, North Carolina
Carol Shockley
David Shoemaker - In Honor Of: Alvie Ross Shoemaker Sr.
Jack Shollenbarger - In Honor Of: All You Gave Their All!
Steve Shulman - In Honor Of: Jean Waldman Shulman
Gwendolyn Shumway - In Honor Of: Lennie Lee Matson
Joan Shurtliff - In Honor Of: Francis Gallagher
Clive Siegle - In Honor Of: Calvin G. Siegle
Barry Siegle - In Honor Of: Pvt John Joseph Sackalosky
John Sigstad
Joseph Simertz - In Honor Of: George Simertz And Ben Barber Of Minnesota
James Singletary - In Honor Of: WWI Veterans
Linda Sipple - In Honor Of: George Frances RIIdenour Pfc Company B , 359Th Infantry 90Th Div
Robert Sisson - In Honor Of: Philip Green Sisson
James Skinner - In Honor Of: Mark Seeley Martin
David Sliwinski
Pamela Slutz - In Honor Of: Robert Fleming Slutz
Craig Small
Pamela Smeltz
Dianne Smith - In Honor Of: Walter Weiland
Charles Smith - In Honor Of: Maynard S. Colvin
Barbara Smith
Darryl Smith - In Honor Of: Guard Allen - 4Th Infantry Division
Yvonne Bess Smith
Donde Hart Smith - In Honor Of: Howard Platt Hart, Ens., Usn Aviator, WWI
Genevieve Smith - In Honor Of: Chester Dennis Canty
Donald Smith
Lee Ann Smith - In Honor Of: James Ferdinand Wright
Kirk Smith - In Honor Of: Joseph Thomas Smith, Harold G. Van Riper, John Henry Rice
Jeffrey Smith - In Honor Of: Pvt Daniel T Smith
Steven Smith - In Honor Of: Captain Samuel Clemens Smith, Medical Corps Of The U.S. Army
Andrew Smith
Joseph Smith - In Honor Of: James Arthur Smith, U.S. Army
Corinne Snow - In Honor Of: Phil Snow
Richard Snyder - In Honor Of: Veterans Of All Wars
Pat Snyder - In Honor Of: Jacob John Wesley
Terrence Snyder - In Honor Of: Alvin D. Snyder, Jr.
Andrew Snyder - In Honor Of: Ellen R Pohlot
Wilbur Snyder - In Honor Of: Mg Richard Snyder, Paarng
Charles Snyder - In Honor Of: Peter F. Snyder U.S. Navy 1917-1919 Pittsburgh Pa
Michael Sobkow - In Honor Of: A Forgotten War
Jeanne Sojka
Kevin Solbrig
Victoria Solinger - In Honor Of: In Honor Of Walter B. Solinger
Han Song
Cynthia Soraoka - In Honor Of: LuciU.S. Myron Smith
Thomas Soseman - In Honor Of: Floyd W. Soseman
Flora Sossi - In Honor Of: Armando Sossi
Jim Sotiropoulos - In Honor Of: The Fighting 69Th
Jeffrey Soukup - In Honor Of: Edward A Soukup
Tracey Sourbeck
Jill Speasmaker - In Honor Of: Harley Arthur Bowers
Gabriel Speciale - In Honor Of: Alfred Riccio
Mark Stachowski - In Honor Of: Matthew H. Stachowski, Pow WWI
Dr Rachel Stahle - In Honor Of: Memory Of Pvt. William Springer, U.S. Army, D. 1918
Paul Staller
Joseph Stanik - In Honor Of: In Honor Of B.G. "Mike" Williams And Edward J. Hutt, Both U.S. Army WWI Veterans
Paul Stark - In Honor Of: Marilyn Stark 3/2/41-3/7/19
Keith Starnes - In Honor Of: Pvt. Fred Haney
Nancy Starr
Edward Steedle
Michael Steelman - In Honor Of: Admiral Hurst
Eileen Steigleder - In Honor Of: Joseph Neill
John Stella - In Honor Of: Rocco Stella
Richard Stephan
Caitlin Stephenson - In Honor Of: To Remember Them All
Francis Stevens
Cheree Stevens
John Michael Stevenson - In Honor Of: Shad Myers And Clyde Keister
Terry Stewart - In Honor Of: All Of Them Who Gave All.
Shannon Stewart - In Honor Of: Carolyn Shaw
Noel Stewart - In Honor Of: Clinton County New York WWI Veterans
Sara Stinson
Kenneth Stinson - In Honor Of: Cecil Glendale Stinson
Matthew Stith - In Honor Of: All Of Them
Robert Stoddard
Jamed Stone
Betty Stoner
Christopher Stoops - In Honor Of: Cpl James Callahan Hill
Carolyn Stoops - In Honor Of: My Grandfather Who Was In WWI And Ww2. Navy Lt Commander, Walter Charles Chapman
Lucy Storch - In Honor Of: Michael F Schulist
Elsie Stormont
Adam Stowe
Craig Strachan
John Strange - In Honor Of: Benjamin Franklin Strange
Kristopher Strebe - In Honor Of: Frank Woodfuff Buckles
Lorraine Stribling - In Honor Of: Bailey Johnson
Robert Strock - In Honor Of: Earl Wayne "Jim" Strock, 1886-1962 83Rd Div 308Th Engineers
Janet Strom - In Honor Of: All The Soldiers Who Were At Camp Merritt Embarkation Camp, Cresskill, Nj
William Stuart - In Honor Of: Cpl. George H Young USMC WWI Western Front Wounded Vet.
Kerry Stubbs
James Stutheit
Joseph Suarez - In Honor Of: Joseph F. Koudelka, Btry D 72Nd Artillery Cac
Loretta Summe - In Honor Of: Gailard G. Nail, Sfc, Army, Silver Star
David Sunberg - In Honor Of: Charles Hackman, WWI Veteran
Kaye Sutley - In Honor Of: Mosley Olis Curry
Daniel Sutton - In Honor Of: Sgt. David Robert Sutton, U.S. Army 1919
Dana R Sutton - In Honor Of: Frank Kaiser
Barbara Swanda
Brian Sweeney - In Honor Of: Corporal Daniel J. Sweeney, 138 Field Artillery, U.S. Army National Guard In France 1918.
Cynthia Sweeney
Julia Sweet - In Honor Of: Richard G Sweet
Theodore Swiencki - In Honor Of: Frank Swinski (Grand Father)
Dee Swink - In Honor Of: Ralph Bingham Swink
Geoffrey Talkington - In Honor Of: Veterans From Lincoln Country Wa
Lynn Tanguay - In Honor Of: Miss Claire Summers
Constance Taylor - In Honor Of: George William Corbett Sr.
Erin Taylor - In Honor Of: Floyd Elwood Carrier
Sharon Taylor - In Honor Of: Jack S And Nita E Taylor
Frederick Taylor - In Honor Of: Everett H. Taylor
Linda Tayoan - In Honor Of: Otto F. Hoelscher
Adel Teplitz - In Honor Of: Samuel Entwistle
Kevin Terranella
Joseph Terrell
Mark Teuscher
Diane Thalheimer - In Honor Of: Chauncy Rooney
Elizabeth Thigpen - In Honor Of: Pvt. Floyd Alvin Morris
Lisa Thomas - In Honor Of: 369Th Infantry Regiment
Michael Thompson - In Honor Of: My Great Uncle And Third Cousin And Wife'S Family Member'S Wh0 Also WWI Vet'S
Susan Thompson - In Honor Of: Vincent Sims
Donald Thompson
Paul Thompson - In Honor Of: Myron J. Asire, Mia, My Uncle Who Was Part Of The Polar Bears
Bill Thomson - In Honor Of: 2 Grandfathers Who Fought In WWI, Thomson And Grace
Adam Thorne - In Honor Of: On Behalf Of The Odon Vfw Post #9627
Betty Thornsberry - In Honor Of: Sam Thornsberry
John Thorp - In Honor Of: Hugh Hill Thorp, Grandfather & WWI Veteran
Tony Tinajero
Ronald Tjpa
Anthony Tlush - In Honor Of: Cpl. Stanley Colkett Burns
Dr Mary Todd
Steve Tom - In Honor Of: Franklin A. Treece
Yee Hing Tong
Timothy Toohig
James Tootle - In Honor Of: Lawrence D. Tootle
Celia Torres
J Thomas Touchton
Bruce Tratar - In Honor Of: Joseph A. Voytecek, Grandfather
Peter Treanor
Jeff Triplett
Pamela Tronsor - In Honor Of: Frank Tronsor, Pvt, 5Th Division, USMC, Aef
John Tsavinicis
Danielle Tucker - In Honor Of: Earl And Eva Tucker Foundation
Laura Tufariello
Dr James Tuorila - In Honor Of: Straka Family
Gregory Turdo - In Honor Of: Rocco Turdo-1St Infantry Division, 18Th Inf, Co A
Polly Turpen - In Honor Of: Clyde Miller (U.S. Calvary) - Served In France
David Tyler
Stephen Uchniat - In Honor Of: All The Men Who Served And Die In World War I
Sandra Ulbrich
Linda Underwood - In Honor Of: Michael A. Picciano, Kia 11/5/1917
Sl Underwood
David Ungar - In Honor Of: Samuel Rosenblatt
Les Updegrove
Neil Urban
Seymour Urban - In Honor Of: Alice Lord O'Brian
Lois Valerio
Mary Van Allen
Bruce Van Apeldoorn - In Honor Of: Sgt. William Cooper USMC
Noel Van Ness
Hendrika Vande Kemp - In Honor Of: Dabney Horton
Claire Vandersnick - In Honor Of: Herbert Milton Pechart
Daniel Varley
Amery Vasso
Joe Vaughan - In Honor Of: Col. Hugh Wilkinson, M. D.
Daniel Vaughan - In Honor Of: Percy Keller Buzzell
Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan An
Harold Vaughn - In Honor Of: James Aubrey Cooper 2Lt Usar
William Vazal - In Honor Of: Frank J Canders
Armando Velazquez
Andrew Velichko - In Honor Of: Andrew Velichko Sr.
John Veres
Giovanni Villanova
Kimberly Vilsack - In Honor Of: Edward W. Tappe
Michael Visconage - In Honor Of: Cpl. David M. Hoskins
Anthony Voegele - In Honor Of: Lawrence N. Voegele
Margaret Ann Vogtsberger - In Honor Of: My Grandfather, Pfc John P. Novick, Hq Company, 107Th Field Artillery, 53Rd Arty Brigade, 28Th Div., A.E.F.
Flashflame Voidspirit - In Honor Of: All Those Who Witnessed The Horrors Of War.
Connie Voigt - In Honor Of: Tobias Henry Voigt
Connie Voigt - In Honor Of: Tobias H. Voigt
Jim Voltz - In Honor Of: The Voltz Family
Sarah Wackerbarth - In Honor Of: Charles Dambach
David Wagner
Jacqueline S Wagner - In Honor Of: Harry Jack Shea
Howard Walgren
Robert Walk - In Honor Of: Cpt Arthur Richard Walk, 3D Infantry Division
Lisa Walker
Alice Wallace - In Honor Of: All those who served
George Walne - In Honor Of: Sgt Ratliff William Walne USMC
Roderick Walsh - In Honor Of: Sgt Albert T. Kehoe
Nicholas Walsh - In Honor Of: Michael Cooney
Scott Walter - In Honor Of: Sabin Howard
Sharon Walton
Robert F. Walton - In Honor Of: Pvt Francis W Coffey 101St Inf 26Th Yankee Division Kia Sept.13,1918
Downey Ward
David Ward - In Honor Of: Australians Who Served In WWI
Robert Warfield - In Honor Of: Csm Willie J. Boyd, First To Fight, 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
Christopher Warren - In Honor Of: Raoul Lufbery
Henry And Rebecca Washburn
Colleen Wasielke
Bonnie Wasilowsky
Jason & Elena Waskey
David Watermiller
Debra Watkins - In Honor Of: Pvt. Taylor Cope
Lowry Rush Watkins, Jr. - In Honor Of: Lt. Lowry Rush Watkins U.S.Army Air Corps
John Watson
Harry Watson - In Honor Of: Nelson Miles Holderman
Tom Watson
Erik Waywood - In Honor Of: Edward Waywood WWII Veteran
Lonita Weaver - In Honor Of: Lon Protteau
Patrice Webb
Elisabeth Weber-Maxted
Robert Wefald - In Honor Of: In Honor Of The Abmc Staff And My Fellow Commissioners
Robert Wefald
Wayne Wehrheim - In Honor Of: Honoring Andrew Frederick & Alexis Michele Wehrheim
Harry Weinberg
Laurel Weiner - In Honor Of: Charles G Weiner
James Weis - In Honor Of: To Honor My Grandfather Fought & Grandmother Who As A Nurse Served, God Bless.
Thomas Weishaar
Victor Weisser - In Honor Of: Morris Weisser
Richard Welch
Barbara Welch
Weston Weller
Fred Wells - In Honor Of: William Geddie Dixon & John R Dixon
David Welte - In Honor Of: Robert S Welte
Frederick Werkmeister Jr - In Honor Of: Family Members Who Fought In Ww I
Michael Werner - In Honor Of: Clarence F. Jones, Usn In WWI
Roger West
Jacqueline West - In Honor Of: Thomas Walker Hatten
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Westcott - In Honor Of: Cpl Harry Archer Westcott, Co M 3 Inf Dc Ng
Michael Wey
Shari Weyerman
Shane Whalen
Ella Whaley - In Honor Of: Relatives Who Served From Washington County Vfw Auxiliary 916
Linda Wharton - In Honor Of: My Father
Kenneth Wheeler - In Honor Of: Nitro Wv World War One Museum
Jennifer White
Elizabeth White-Peters - In Honor Of: Eduard Carl Brandt
Mary Ann Whitehead - In Honor Of: Uncle Footsie (Charles Brown, Natchez, Ms) Who Served!
Marie Whitney
Linda Whitt - In Honor Of: James J Stapleton
Barbara Wierschem
Ranae Wiggins - In Honor Of: Peter Wiggins
Marianne Wight Hess
David Wilberding - In Honor Of: Ssg Alex Wojciechowski (Kia 31 July 1918)
Brian & Janice Wilcox - In Honor Of: Russell & Scott Grovatt
David Wiley - In Honor Of: Charles D. Wiley, Sgt. 1Stclass, Usaas, Section 591
James Wilhoit
Claire Wilk - In Honor Of: Francis James Fitzgerald, And Cecilia Fitzgerald
Cheryl Wilkin - In Honor Of: Leroy Goldsworthy
Anne Willet - In Honor Of: George J. O'Sullivan
Robert Willett Jr - In Honor Of: Robert L. Willett
Cheryl Williams - In Honor Of: Alfred Williams, Served June 27, 1917 To July 9, 1919
Holly Williams
Jay Williams
Pam Williams - In Honor Of: Elmer C Wendel
Carl Williams - In Honor Of: Sgt. Luther Wade Pilcher
Darryl Williams
Charles Williamson - In Honor Of: Peter Williamson, 132Nd Infantry
George Wilmot - In Honor Of: Fredom Usa
Logan Wilson
Francis Wilson - In Honor Of: Sergeant Ralph M. Murray
Dr. Alena & John Wilson - In Honor Of: I.D. Clark
Ann Wilson - In Honor Of: Edith F. M. Smith
Richard Wilson
Dorothy Wilson
Craig Windt - In Honor Of: Virgil C. Fredenburg
Debi Winkler - In Honor Of: William 'Willie' Lewke
Christina Winkler
Darren Winslow - In Honor Of: Arthur Winslow
G. Spence Wise Jr. - In Honor Of: Col George S Wise
Michele Witowski
Edward Wittkofski
Katherine Wolfe - In Honor Of: The Wolfe Family
Sharon Wollert
Marian Wood - In Honor Of: Greg Wood
John Woodard - In Honor Of: Otis B. Kirby
Hayden Woodard - In Honor Of: Private Harry Hayden Lawler
Marshall Woodie - In Honor Of: Edward Hampton Woodie, Sr.
Chuck Woodley - In Honor Of: William Woodley U.S. Army 1918
Mary Woods Smith - In Honor Of: Chester W. Kerth
Amy Woodsmall - In Honor Of: Woodsmall William M. Private World War I, 1917-1918
Marie Claire Wright
Tomy Wright - In Honor Of: Ebert Walker
William Wydner
Robin Yale-Murphy - In Honor Of: Lawrence Fehlinger
Pamela Yamasato Ishihara - In Honor Of: Royden Hyamasato
Anthony Yandoli - In Honor Of: Michael, Emma, And Caroline Leveen
James Yarrison - In Honor Of: Raymond George Yarrison, Cpl., 28Th Infantry Regt.
Edward Yates
Bruce Yelton - In Honor Of: Charles Yelton, 1St Infantry
Tony Yitchinsky - In Honor Of: John Rinato
Janice Jay Young - In Honor Of: Ruben Peter Lindholm
Patrick Young - In Honor Of: Richard Young
Charles Young
Yubonchit Yuttana
Judith Zabdyr
Edna Ellie & Thomas Zaleski - In Honor Of: Walter Klinger
David Zeile
Daphna Zeilingold
Peter And Cynthia Ziebelman
Charles Ziniti - In Honor Of: William E. Duffy
Elliott Zink - In Honor Of: Charles Andrew Beasaw
Ralph Zito
Ronald Zweig - In Honor Of: Hyman Zweig