robert holster code talkersRobert Holster worked over 30 hours on the artwork honoring the Choctaw Code Talkers on the nose if this F-15 fighter.

Robert Holster and Oregon Air National Guard pay tribute to Choctaw Code Talkers with aircraft art 

By Christian Toews
via the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma web site

The Oregon Air National Guard held a ceremony on April 14, 2022, to dedicate the nosecone of one of their F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft with artwork that honors the Choctaw Code Talkers who served in WWI.

Chief Gary Batton and Assistant Chief Jack Austin Jr. attended the event, and Batton addressed the audience in the Choctaw language during the ceremony.

Staff Sergeant Robert Holster is the Dedicated Crew Chief for the decorated jet. Holster designed the artwork and said that he was inspired by Choctaw artist Gwen Coleman Lester’s work.

“I drew the arrowhead because it’s significant to the original code talkers. It was part of the original artwork when the code talkers were called The Telephone Warriors,” said Holster.

According to Holster, the artwork took over 30 hours to design and draw.

Holster would spend any downtime working on the art using mostly applications on his phone. After the artwork design was complete, he had help from other colleagues on his base to enlarge the art and prepare it for placement on the nose of the aircraft.

He said the idea for the nose art came from learning the history of the Choctaw Code Talkers from WWI. Their bravery inspired him. He hopes the nose art honors their service and helps educate people about the code talkers who served in World War I.

“Honoring and continuing to honor our code talkers is important to me. I feel like they are honored, and they are proud to look down on us. I can tell other crew members about the history of it. I just hope that people remember that piece of history,” said Holster.

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