Introduction to the Choctaw Code Talkers recognizes the Choctaw veterans of WWI 

via The Museum of Native American History (AR) web site 

MONAH is proud to partner with the Choctaw Nation to bring this presentation of the Choctaw Code Talkers to you for Memorial Day. This 30-minute introduction to the Choctaw Code Talkers recognizes the Choctaw veterans of WWI and discusses their history and lives as telephone warriors.

On Saturday, May 28th, and Monday, May 30th, MONAH is hosting a viewing of Judy Allen’s presentation on the Choctaw Code Talkers in respect of Memorial Day Weekend. We will be screening this video for our visitors all day. It will be continuously running in the Great Room and open to the public.

The Choctaw Code Talker Association has a goal of funding a life-size statue at the Choctaw Cultural Center in Durant. Choctaw Artist Gwen Coleman-Lester allows the use of her art on t-shirts to be sold to raise money for this effort. Shirts, patches, and Code Talker books are available at or call 580.924.8280

For more information on Choctaw Code Talkers or to support the effort to share their history, contact Judy Allen (

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