Daniel Sharp 2aEven heavy snow did not prevent Bugler Daniel Sharp from sounding Taps at the National World War I Memorial. The Doughboy Foundation is raisng funds for an endowment to ensure that Taps is sounded at 5:00 pm at the Memorial every day, rain or shine, in perpetuity, as a salute to Americans who served in World War I and all veterans who served. 

Spotlight on The National World War I Memorial, Washington, DC

Daniel Sharp: Taps at the National World War I Memorial has been an honor

By Kathy Abbot
Staff Writer 

Through rain or shine, and this winter heavy snow too, rotating buglers fulfill the Doughboy Foundation mission to sound “DAILY TAPS” at the National World War One Memorial in Washington, DC.  This month one of our dedicated buglers, recruited by Taps for Veterans, Daniel Sharp shared his story with us.

Says Daniel…

I was born in Bryan Texas and grew up in San Antonio.  Now I live in Rosemary Hills Maryland with my wife Amy and three kids.

Daniel Sharp 4Daniel Sharp Daniel Sharp was a Surface Warfare officer in the U.S. Navy and remains active in the Navy Reserve.I began playing TAPS, and other calls, at a young age as bugler of my Boy Scout Troop.  More recently I recognized a gap in the region in providing live TAPS for military funeral honors. I support several Navy commands responsible for providing funeral honors as a TAPS bugler and occasionally represent the Navy playing TAPS at events commemorating past battles and conflicts.

Formerly, I was a Surface Warfare officer in the U.S. Navy and remain active in the Navy Reserve. My wife and her father also served in the Navy.

There is a tradition of playing Taps at military funerals and other veteran ceremonies, and there is not enough military buglers to support all of these. When played live, Taps is a tune that touches many and can allow people to cry if they need to.

Live Taps at each military funeral and commemoration, I feel, is always appreciated by several in attendance, including other members of the military detail.

Taps has become very meaningful to me, and I continue to practice playing in pursuit of perfection.

Playing Taps at the National World War I Memorial has been an honor. A few times I have shared with people walking by that Taps would be played at 5 PM and the response has been, “We know. That’s why we came.

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