Erik KokeritzAngered by his success, the German Kaiser Wilhelm put a bounty on Erik Kokeritz's head

Erik Kokeritz: Remembering a forgotten American WWI hero a century on 

via the BBC News web site 

He was a World War One merchant mariner hailed a hero for defying Germany's naval blockade of Europe.

But within a year of a voyage that would bring him international acclaim he was dead and, in the years since, his story all but forgotten.

His final resting place now is marked by a single white cross but for more than a century his grave lay unmarked.

BBC News NI look at how Captain Erik Kokeritz came to be laid to rest in Londonderry's City Cemetery.

Born in Sweden, Kokeritz emigrated to the US in 1894.

By the time World War One broke out, he was sailing as a merchant sea captain.

When in 1917 US commercial ships were needed for the war effort, Kokeritz was one of two captains to volunteer to take supplies across the Atlantic.

It was a mission the captain and crew of the SS Rochester knew was fraught with danger.

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