Pancho Villa and FollowersMexican revolutionary Pancho Villa poses with followers at a time when he was at war with the Mexican government. Later, General John Pershing would lead American forces into Mexico searching for Villa after his raids into U.S. territory. The ongoing civil war that Villa led was important factor in Mexico's response to the Zimmerman Telegram in 1917. 

 WWI facts: The Real History of The King’s Man

By David Crow
via the Den of Geek web site 

Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man is on streaming now. That’s a quick turnaround since its Christmastime release last year, but perhaps it’s for the best. With the largely underappreciated (and under-seen) Kingsman prequel making its debut on HBO Max and Hulu, there’s a chance the strange action mash-up may finally find its audience.

Indeed, the film’s pitch always seemed a bit niche, even for this franchise. By eschewing the modern class conflict of the first two Kingsman movies, which created a dynamic of “street” versus posh spy, the World War I-set The King’s Man travels back in time more than a hundred years to tell a story that has more in common with Rudyard Kipling novels than Ian Fleming. The King’s Man is about the last gasps of the Empire, and a global conflict that destroyed the 19th century world order, including British dominance.

In fact, The King’s Man is so steeped in World War I history that the truth behind many of its larger-than-life characters and story beats could surprise casual audiences. So below we’ve gathered some of the basic facts that Vaughn’s action romp touches on in its stuffed, breakneck two-plus hour running time.

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