Frank Boston memorialA memorial to Dr. Frank Boston is seen at the intersection of Broad and Seventh Streets in Lansdale, PA in 2021. 

Bill would name Broad Street for iconic WWI doctor 

By Dan Sokil
via the Landsdale Reporter newspaper (PA) web site D

LANSDALE, PA — A local icon could soon be honored in his former hometown.

The Pennsylvania Senate voted this week to approve a bill designating North Broad Street as the “Dr. Frank Erdman Boston Memorial Highway.”

“The life and accomplishments of Dr. Boston are a testament to what materializes from the best qualities in a human being,” said state Sen. Bob Mensch, R-24th, who sponsored the bill to rename the road

“His selflessness, respect for life, dedication to his neighbors and unwavering commitment to do good serve as an inspiration for all and are the reasons we should be celebrating his legacy for generations to come,” he said.

Boston was born March 10, 1891, in Philadelphia and later attended Lincoln University, originally established as The Ashmun Institute, the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University. He then attended the Medico-Chirurgical College, an outgrowth of the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Philadelphia which merged with the University of Pennsylvania Medical College and Jefferson Medical College, according to a statement from Mensch’s office.

Boston enlisted and was immediately given the rank of first lieutenant in the Army Medical Reserve Corps. During World War I, Dr. Boston served in France with the rank of captain and ended his military service as a major. After the war, Dr. Boston returned to work in Philadelphia and later settled in Lansdale where he opened the Elm Terrace Hospital, which was later renamed North Penn Hospital, subsequently became part of the Abington Jefferson Health System, and where a memorial to Boston now stands on the corner of Broad and Seventh streets.

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