Long-lost letters dating back to WWI discovered in Chester County, Pa. 

By Ashley Johnson
via the WPVI-TV Philadelphia (PA) television station web site 

COATESVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Letters dating back more than 100 years are now considered a treasure for one history buff in Chester County.

The letters were written by Coatesville resident Cpl. Wellington Sahler, who gave life while fighting in World War I.

They're a mark of freedom and the ultimate sacrifice.

"It really mentions his love for Coatesville. He would go canoeing in a dam and he mentions that a lot. He mentions dancing going to parties," said history buff Joseph Felice.

The journey began when the VFW Post 287, which is named for Sahler, was celebrating its centennial.

Felice noticed banners featuring Sahler and did his own digging.

"He was in the Army with his best friend Lance Eck, the one who chartered to post when he came home in 1919," said Felice.

Felice was featured at the VFW celebration in July where he made it a point to reach out to one of Sahler's living relatives, given he had no children.

"To find these letters meant a lot to him because he really wanted to know what Sahler himself thought that, and we all got that chance," Felice said.

Felice said Sahler's legacy speaks to overcoming struggles, including a rough childhood.

Sahler went on to Girard College in Philadelphia before enlisting.

"So that's what Sahler represents. Despite struggle, freedom is still worth it," Felice said. 

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